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    What are some tactics...

    What are some tactics for Drop Pod Assault armies?

    Maybe I just don't know about it too much, but what would YOU do if your entire army Drop Podded?

    My tactic is pretty simple, I'd be using the Pods as cover and getting into that 24" killzones that Space Marines excel at, and plow away.

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    Pod armies are fragile at best. They break when that first wave fails, or when scatter makes those precise drops useless. But when they work they work well.

    The problem with podding your whole army is that half of it (rounding down) is left in the warp, waiting to appear - which could be never!

    There are whats considered the 'magic' number of pods to take to maximise your pod army, and they are pretty much every odd number with the exception of 1 (1pod can be used, but its not really a 'drop pod army' then, hehe). Use odd numbers of pods to get as many pods down on turn 1 as you can, simple as.

    Now the tactics vary depending on the army you face and the contents of those pods, here's a quick overview of what you want in pods vs army types

    Vs horde (green tide/nids/Guard-spam) you want lots of tactical squads, sternguard squads, one or two areadnoughts and deathwind launchers - they are expensive but damn that blast really helps. Simply shoot like crazy with everything while moving the Dreadnoughts to intercept any assaults. Fighting horde armies with a pod list is possibly the hardest thing you'll ever face, as you'll be out numbered 2:1 at least on the first turn.

    Vs MEQs (marines/chaos/crons/etc) you want a mix of tacticals and dreadnoughts, with maybe a sternguard squad as well. Sheer number of shots is great, but the Dreads are needed to lock units in combat while the rest of the army shoots at priority targets, like HQ's, MC's and the occasional vehicle.

    Vs Armoured (IG Russ spam/Dreadnought spam/etc) you really want to drop dreadnoughts with MMs and a couple of tactical squads with metas and fists. Nothing upsets players more than watching their 150+point vehicle go pop on turn 1, especially from a 115point dreadnought =) Simply smash each vehicle one after another and you'll do fine. Pod armies Vs Armour heavy armies is the easiest to fight IMO.

    Vs Balanced list, you want to drop a mix of dreadnoughts and tacticals, but favour tacticals on turn 1. The point being to take down as many infantry units as possible on turn 1, making life a little easier for the dreads to finish off the rest later in the game, but if a Russ or similar is within range of a melta shot, take it down, as it really could be worth it in the long run.

    I've given you a fair amount of info there. If there is anything else you need, gimmi a shout =)


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