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    some guard fluff for my army (18th Mechanized Division)

    what do you guys think?

    ---18th Demorves Mechanized Division---

    93rd Mechanized Regiment- The 93rd has seen its share of combat, and is a veteran unit, with well equipped mechanized infantry. The regiment has served with the 107th Demorves Armored Regiment since its foundation. It has served in many of the major war zones, including the Cadian Gate and the Tau offensives.

    110th Mechanized Regiment- The 110th is a well trained, elite unit that is a veteran of the Tau expansion. It has very well trained, mechanized infantry with a full compliment of Chimera’s.

    265th Mechanized Regiment- The 265th is a relatively new combat unit that has only seen a couple battles. It is well trained and well equipped with new Chimera’s. What it lacks in experience, it makes up for with enthusiasm and eagerness to get to the fight.

    107th Heavy Armored Regiment- The 107th is one of the oldest, most revered armored regiments to come from Demorves. This regiment provides most of the heavy armor support to the division. It has served in every major campaign since its formation, and is very experienced in armored warfare, even in cities!

    12th Youth Army Regiment- This is made up of youth troops from the Demorves Youth Corp (DYC). Youth regiments are sent to frontline units to get combat experience before being sent to different regiments. This regiment is used by the 18th Mechanized division as a defense regiment for the most part, due to it being not fully mechanized in Chimera’s. The youth troops are not very experienced, but are extremely well trained and are extremely loyal to the Imperial Creed.

    732nd Air Defense Regiment- This division is lucky enough to have a intigral air defense regiment to protect each regiment. The heavy armored units get priority, and the artillery getting the next most. These are also Demorves made, and Demorves pattern Hydra Flak Tanks making up the majority of the compliment.

    53rd Artillery Regiment- This is the majority of the artillery available to the division, which is usually held back from the line, but occasionally batteries are sent forward with units. It is set up slightly differently than other regiments, with each battery consisting of a Griffon and two basilisks, instead of just 3 basilisks. This provides greater accuracy with the Griffon used as a spotting tanks, with its greater accuracy.

    413th Rocket Artillery Battalion- This is the Divisions compliment of Manticore artillery vehicles, and is used in addition to the regular artillery.

    10th Super Heavy Battalion- This is the divisions compliment of Super Heavy tanks. Having a full battalion in a division is uncommon, but Demorves is one of the few worlds that receives new super heavies in good numbers (many are second generation tanks)

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    I like it!
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