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    Thinking about Dark Angels

    Currently collecting CSM, but im almost finished with them. And looking to extend afterwards but i want to keep up the character of the models, and dark angels seem to be a way to go, each model could be really full of personality.

    The only things i was wondering was how would i start, i don't know much about the space marine rules, although i assume they can't be much different from CSM and really haven't had much of a look into the Dark angels codex, but i was just wondering how they are played and what a generic set up is.

    I'd prefer a DA set up, not deathwing or ravenwing, just a balanced multiwing force.

    Any info on these bad boys would help, cheers.

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    If i recall, the DA codex is the most similar to the newer SM codex in terms of their wargear and stuff. If your planning on playing a balanced list, then it might even be worthwhile to use the vanilla codex, being that it gives you tons more units to choose from. Only problem on that front is you won't have special characters who are specifically DA's.

    However if you wanted to start a Deathwing army, it's pretty easy now because of the 5 terminators you get with the AoBR box, you can find these guys everywhere on ebay and all you'd have to do is buy up acouple of them and you'd have a decent Deathwing army. When it comes to the Ravenwing, you might as well buy the Battleforce box which is 6 bikes, and attack bike and a land speeder.

    otherwise like i said, just use the SM codex and build from there, anything you want. Just use the DA's paint scheme.
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