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    Wackica: Head Quarters

    Hello LO, Space Marines, Mods.

    I've noticed a lot of threads surrounding that ever difficult question: "Which Head Quarters choice should I take, and what should I equip them with?". Many of the threads seem incomplete, often the advise given does not really seem helpful. I do not want to update Tactica: Head Quarters as it is too daunting a job. Instead I've decided to write this much less helpful and incomplete 'Wackica,' which will focus more around HQ selections and basic strategic suggestions rather than a full on Tactica.

    I encourage the rest of LO, especially you veteran players out there, to share your most effective HQ selections. Please check the fluff at the door, and remember this thread is not for favorite HQs, it's for effective HQs combined with the right army style to support them.

    Unique Characters also need wackica's. Rather than focusing on wargear, the wackica should focus around what type of army this HQ works best in, and how to build the army around that unique HQ.

    Wackica: Head Quarters

    General HQ theory-

    It's considered a good idea to have only one HQ for three reasons. The first reason is that many HQ's have special rules that conflict with other character abilities. Secondly, because HQs are a single model, they take up a lot of points compared to their durability. Finally the more points a player puts into the HQ the less points can be put elsewhere. Try to keep HQs as few points as possible, while still being effective at whatever mission a player assigns them to do.

    Chapter Masters-

    Chapter Masters are counter assault HQs, orbital bombardment makes them perfectly suited for this role, as you may not move and shoot with it. This is a good HQ to lead a shooty army, but a poor choice for an assault or mobility based army,

    Wargear options:
    1. Lightening Claw, Storm Bolter
    Option 1 is for a true gun line army, this HQ isn't meant to get into close combat much and is only here to provide counter charge power, plus his 1 fancy shooting attack. Leave pricey wargear off of him. If you deck him out with a relic blade, storm bolter and perhaps digital weapons your almost at Pedro Kantors point cost, and he's a far better HQ then a generic Chapter Master.

    Chapter Captains-

    Chapter Captains are cheap assault HQs. Use this HQ for balanced armies which have assault elements, spear head those elements with this model. Assault based armies should look to the unique characters to lead them. Leave the jump pack at home, this guys for Mech armies.

    Wargear options:
    1. Relic Blade, Digital Weapons, Storm bolter.
    2. Lightening Claw, Storm Bolter
    Option 1 is the most powerful close combat combo without overly expensive defensive equipment, while maintaining a ranged sting and being 50 or so points less than a dedicated unique assault character.

    Option 2 is for cheap close combat punch. A single lightening claw will out preform a powersword and bolt pistol in every situation, and a storm bolter is worth it's points at double the attacks and range of a pistol.


    Chaplains aren't what they used to be, but they still have the same basic role: Assaulting hard. He's best used in a balanced army of if your taking an assault army, you'll need a unique character, but in higher point costs games, he could be an effective support HQ. On his own, or as a support HQ, he's only got one effective role.

    Wargear Options:
    1. Jump Pack, Digital Weapons
    Option 1 is the cheapest jump pack character around. It's possible my codex in a misprint, but the chaplain appears to get the jump pack at a reduced price from other characters. Have him lead an assault squad.

    If my codex has a misprint, please inform me, so I can alter this.

    Hope you newer space marine players find this useful,

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