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    I normally play bugs, the few non-bug figures I have are a painted spacemarine army... I don't really know how they work, although I've read the codex a few times and I have a copy somewhere around here... here's my list of minis, I'd like to know if I could hammer this into a solid 1850 point list. My local club is very competitive. They're black dragons, but since I don't have the rules for black dragons, I'd field them as vanilla


    Force Commander (or leader, or commander, or whatever)
    Command Squad (Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Techmarine, Vet. Sargent, custom commander)


    Dread with close combat weapon and multimelta

    7 man veteran assault squad

    5 Assault termies (2 thunder hammers w/ stormshields, 2 lightning claws, 1 sarge with stormbolter and powersword


    9 scouts (4 sniper rifles, 4 w/ bolt pistols and ccws, 1 sarg w/ ccw)

    24 marines with bolters

    2 marines w/ flamers

    2 marines with missle launchers

    2 with plasma cannons

    1 with plasma gun

    1 with lascannon

    1 with melta gun

    1 with multimelta

    1 with heavy flamer

    4 veteran sargents with bp and ccw

    2 with bp and powerswords

    3 rhinos

    Heavy support:

    1 whirlwind

    1 landraider

    I think they total up to about 1800 or 1900 points altogether, although I haven't tried building a list with it yet... I'd rather not buy any more marine figures... is this good enough? I might just keep enough for a 40k in 40 game, and sell the rest

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    Here are the units you can make

    you should have enough for a
    A 10man scout squad with vet. Sergent
    3x 10man tactical squad with flamer, missile launcher and sergent
    A five man devastator squad
    A 8man veteran squad with sergent
    A 5man Terminator Assault squad
    A Hero with Command Squad
    A libraran
    A Dreanought with Power Fist and Muilt-melta
    I will put points down later

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