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Thread: Jungle Guard

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    Jungle Guard

    To join my scenery journey, I am doing some guardsmen to go with the jungle
    Main scenery journal link:

    Here is my work so far (Not finished yet)

    The Guardsmen:
    I wanted to do a force that would stand up well in a 40k in 40minutes tournament (400 points) and also slot into my existing guard army, using the new codex and my idea of the good units would go into it.

    Parts I used (so far):
    20x Old Catchans
    Old Heavy Weapon Team
    Old sentinal
    New Sentinal
    New Command Squad
    Metal commander with power fist
    Metal Catchan with demo charge
    Necromunda shotguns x9
    Forgeworld Rhino door, jerrycan stowage and cadian demo charge
    Extra new powerfist & 2 pairs special weapon arms
    Space marine melta & plasma gun.
    Couple of bits (one empire head, bushes leftover from scenery, hammer from baneblade etc)
    - I had a decent chunk of spares (esp from the command squad)

    Painting / finishing the Army:
    After creating the army I based it all with sand (Old brush, rub on white glue / pva, dip in sand, rub off exess on edges of base with thumb whilst wet, flick any stray on the boots off with old brush.) I added little branches off the old sentinal sprue and the Catchan heavy weapons sprue (and bits like a skull) with Poly cement before adding sand for variety and detail.

    Then I undercoated it with a green primer (Army Painter Army Green)
    - It was cheaper than GW black, but didn't cover as much (mind you, i did alot of scenery). I'd buy it again.
    I then Washed them all with Thraka Green,
    Then I drybrushed with Knarloc green.

    The bases
    I painted the bases with Calthan Brown, then when dried washed with devlan mud (sometimes deliberately spotty) and then I drybrushed the bases with deneb stone.
    I also spotted patches of static grass (green and scorched) over the bases
    The bushes (from aquarium plants etc) in small bases were pushed through a drill hole and fixed with superglue (after all painting had finished). In the sentinals I fixed staples through a drill hole and forced the bushes onto them.

    Flesh tones
    I used tallern flesh, washed with ogryn flesh, then I highlighted with a thinned elf flesh.

    I used boltgun metal, washed with badab black, and drybrushed with chainmail.

    Let's show some pictures:

    Assault Squad for 40k in 40 minutes
    Veterans with powerfist, shotguns, 2x flamers and a grenade launcher (note vox, but not used in 40k in 40mins)
    - conversion notes, I used the empire general head with eyepatch for the sgnt, and mixed in sentinal and command heads / bodies for a nice mix. The shotguns were pinned necromunda shotguns. The grenade launcher was converted from a cadian grenade launcher (with A and D arms - memory only so dry fit to check)

    Upgrade for standard 40k games
    Replace special weapons for 2x meltaguns and Heavy flamer & Demo charge

    "Shooty" Squad for 40k in 40 minutes
    Veterans with 3x plasma guns and an autocannon (note vox, but not used in 40k-40mins)
    - conversion notes, for the 3rd plasma gun I used a space marine plasma gun, held by a clipped off sentinal "control" arm and matched with a pointing arm.

    Upgrade for standard 40k games
    Replace autocannon with Lascannon, and sgnt with Shotgun & powerfist sgnt
    - The sgnt is a converted metal Catchan captain, with necromunda shotgun pinned into a plastic torso.

    A Ride for one of the squads - Chimera (Not quite finished yet - almost, but not done)
    The pintle stubber is removable for whether you want it on / off (off in 40k in 40 mins list)

    - The rear doors and jerrycan stowage are forgeworld, and i added a baneblade hammer, the sentinal stowage pack.
    - Please note, I added the track guards there on a whim. Don't - they don't let the lasguns point down, and it looks odd (the next day).

    An armoured sentinal
    I kept it cheap and cheerfull with no upgrades, to just run forwards shooting / charging.
    (Finished bar squad markings - Freehand a Tiger and numbers, or similar.)

    A Scout Sentinal

    Command squad parts
    A Regimental command squad with Powerfist, Vox, Standard and 2x flamers (for standard 40k - taken from the replaced assault squad) rounds this off.
    The "Shooty" sgnt will become a bodyguard, and this unit will hop out of a chimera on a counter charge.

    Sly Marbo
    He just kills things, in all lists.
    (*Finished, but i made a mess of his face)

    - The demo charge is a forgeworld cadian upgrade (in pouch) and the other equipment is a space marine "rappel" line with krak grenade inside, and vet backpack (forgeworld cadian upgrade)

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    Kut Maar Krachtig Zema's Avatar
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    539 (x8)

    Not too much to see so far, but good conversion all the same, but so far they are just green!

    The chimera is a bit too clean for my tastes... But that's personal.

    Keeping my eyes peeled for updates!
    Got a "good" rumour from a GW staffer? Forget about it, LO'ers know more than any random GW shop staffer.
    Voor alle nederlanders:
    The Dutch Legion

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