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    Valkyrie options and conversions

    I'm just contemplating adding a Valkyrie to the army - mainly as a cool transport/gunship for my lone squad of Kasrkin.

    What I wondered was if anybody had done any other weapon fits/conversions than the "standard" rules list ones?

    I imagine there are alternatives in the Forgeworld books - but I am NOT shelling out £50 a go!

    I was thinking of using an Autocannon instead of a Multilaser and maybe pintle-mounted Heavy Stubbers instead of Bolters - couples with Multiple Rocket Pods I think that might look a "bit" more Huey Gunship like - what do you think?

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    Well, it can't have those guns, so it would be purely cosmetic. Might looks neat though.
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    First - i think the idea sounds very kewl and would definitely give it a gunship feel.

    Here is the problem you may run into... under the Counts as Rules, you can use any GW model to represent something else provided it is obvious what the intended replacement is for, and that you do not use the same model/piece to represent more than one thing in the same army.

    What this officially means for you is that your replacement is legal provided you do not have other mutli-lasers, autocannons, bolters or stubbers in your army. I.e. you can't have both the autocannon and multilaser representing multilasers, nor the bolter and stubber representing bolters.

    Its kind of an all or nothing sort of deal.

    Here's another thought.... since only 75% (or was it 80%) of the model has to be GW, you can grab generic models of Hueys, etc and use their weapons.
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