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    1750pt SW Tourney list. (my first)

    yep this is everything i own actually hehe, but seriously, what do you guys think? assuming accronyms wont mess with anybody. didnt find a library with the local ones

    Ragnar (attached to Grey Hunters)

    Wolf Priest(attached to Blood Claws
    -Healing Potion & Balm
    -Master Crafted PP
    -Runic Armor
    -Runic Charm
    -Wolf Pelt
    -WT Necklace
    -Iron Wolf Amulet

    Ven Dread
    -CCW w/ Flame

    - 9x Grey Hunters 8x Bolters 1x meltagun
    -Extra armor

    - 9x Blood Claws
    - PF
    - PS
    -Extra armor

    3x BC Bikers
    - PF
    - PS
    - Meltagun

    5x BC Jump Pack
    - PF
    - PS

    5x Long Fangs
    - 2x Las
    - 2x PC

    TL Las
    HB sponsons

    4x Wolf Scouts(pewter hehe)
    attached: WGL

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    I would drop the Wolf Tooth necklace off the wolf priest. Usually he will be hitting on 3s anyways.

    I'd give your Wolf Scouts melta-bombs. Usually you'll want them coming from the back side, and it gives you a little bit more pop to take out vehicles.

    Do your squads have frag grendades? If not, I'd suggest you give it to them. Maybe take off the mastercrafting on the wolf priest's PP. You dont want to risk having to charge into cover and not have frags.

    Also see if you can get extra armor on the dred. Allows you to still get into CC and cause some damage on a shaken/stunned.

    Other than that, looks to be a fine list, especially if thats all the models you have.

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    Oh, and you may want to think about posting list questions in the SM army list thread. Maybe a Mod will move this thread for ya...

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    I like it. You have just about one of everything in the codex. Makes a nice exhibition of the Space Wolves.

    As a tournament list, I strongly suggest more than 2 scoring troops. If you think about it, there are 18 guys in your list who can hold objectives - this isn't much at 1750. For example, in my 1700 SW tourny list, I have 1092 pts invested in troops. This is made up of 4 scoring units, or 58 guys. If any one of these 58 marines survives, I can hold objectives. Though, I'll admit I do not run the most conventional lists

    Blood claw bikes and jump packs are a sweet concept, but not the best use of points in the SW codex. In your particular list, they look like free kill points for the enemy.

    As mentioned already, the wolf scouts would be boss with meltas, and the ven dread with extra armour. Blood claws come with free frag grenades, so you don't have to worry about that. Grey hunters do not, but I personally prefer to keep them shooty.

    Hope this helps

    You didn't by any chance get the SW battle force did you? From the models you own, it looks like it

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