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Thread: Traitor Guard

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    Traitor Guard


    Lately i have been thinking of doing a Traitor Guard army. Now, im not so much up to date with all the WH40K know how, nut how would i go about fielding a Traitor Guard army rules wise? Would i use the new Imperial Guard codex or is there another set of rules available?

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    The imperial Guard codex is fine for a traitor guard army list. It also has the advantage of being tournament legal and none of your opponents can object.

    Forgeworld have a traitor guard army list in the siege of Vraks books. It was basically 80% simmilar to the old guard codex but with a few options and special rules to chaos them up a bit while keeping it a guard army. You can take plague ogryns, chaos hounds or even the odd allied chaos marine squad as elites chioces.

    With the new guard codex the forgeworld lists are out of date but the new siege of Vraks part III book due out soon apparently has a Krieg and a traitor guard list that has been fully updated with the new guard codex.
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    The new IG codex is great for a LatD army.. At least one like mine..

    Straken is perfect for a CSM Aspiring Champion leading the traitors into battle ala the Eye of Terror ones.. Yarrick could also go for one granted his MEQ-toughness, although you'll have to go with his carapace armour save..

    When I want it to be less chaos'ish I take Creed as an apostate cardinal or a primaris psyker as a rogue psyker ala the ones in the witch hunter codex's adversaries list.

    Ogryns do fine as big mutants and PBS is sweet as mutant psykers on the loose..

    You might miss out on normal mutants though.. some suggestions would be:
    conscripts, penal legion or rough riders.. although none of them are perfect.. at least not if you're looking for the ferociousness of the adversaries and eye of terror mutants.. but then again.. why would a mutant be so tough and many attacked? More than anything I'd expect mutations to be crippling..
    I myself intend to let the most mutated of my models stay home and bring the less mutated ones along with standard traitors and throw them in infantry squads..
    In friendly games you could use the mutants from the WH adversaries list though..

    I've also been fooling around with the idea as including Grey Knights as counts-as chaos marines.. but it just feels somewhat wrong also their wargear isn't like that of any of the legions.. so doesn't work out all that great..
    For alternatives you could take the death watch kill team those would make a perfect CSM squad, if they are still legal that is.. I'm not so sure they are..

    DH daemonhosts are also fluffish right I think, only requires you to take an inquisitor also..

    can't think of anything else I did apart from the obvious.. I'd be glad to hear other ideas though

    LatD forevar! xD

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