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    A litte Help for the Enemy?

    Brand New to table top games and Warhammer 40K, I play Chaos Space Marines and the only person I know that plays has Imperial Guard. I have played less than 5 battles so am completely a beginner. Any tips or tactics I should employ before I learn any bad habits? I have been playing at 1000pts against an army with 2 LR battle tanks and lots of lascannons and autocannons. Thanks for any help!

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    It would probably be better to ask this in the chaos thread. Chaos is lucky to have solid leadership in that area of the forum: Caluin and Karmoon are both great chaos list makers, and I assume generals.

    At a 1000 points, it's hard to really field a solid chaos list. Probably your best bet would be go mechanized, I seem to remember thinking that was the strongest chaos army I could come up with at the time.

    A fancy daemon prince would be a good fire magnet to draw off shots form your rhinos. Keep your infantry fairly cheap, take lots of melta guns and powerfists for anti tank, and then just jump into assault with the guard.

    Maybe a predator if you can find the points, to further remove shots from rhinos. Basically, out shooting guard is impossible and chaos are a very strong close combat army. So the fast you get into assault the better.

    Good Luck.

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