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    Transports and Heavy Slots


    Trying to figure out where to move next with my upcoming SM list.

    My troops are now 3x10 Tacticals with Missile, Flamer and Power Sword.. i got a heavy bolter and las cannon devastators coming in so i can switch the missile troops out when needed.

    But would it be good to take 3 razorbacks? probably using the Heavy Bolters and combat squad the lines to have the missile+4 stay bake and shoot up stuff while the razor, flamer squad moves ahead and tries to wipe out stuff.

    I can see this tactic fail against the horde armies maybe? like IG and Orks (and i will face those two -_-)

    My original list had a drop pod and a rhino for the troops, but i think i will scrap the pod for now.. and stick with stuff that can move.

    Any thoughts?

    And as for Heavy Slots, i own a Dakka-pred and a vindicator.. both old models and i quite don't like the look of them (got to try and play around with plastic card and/or green stuff to see if i can get them to look more modern)

    But is it good to spread the heavy slots, or should you get 3 of the same.. or close?
    3 Dakka-preds or 3 vindicators?

    Or might it be good to even the load some? with like

    1 dakka pred
    1 vindicator
    1 Thunder fire Canon?

    The list will contain at least 2 dreads, much likely even 3.. with magnetized weapons to keep it flowing.. but the general idea is to have 1 dread coming in with a drop pod and two with auto or assault cannon moving forward with the rest.

    Your thoughts on heavy support?

    Turned out to be a little more of a text wall then i intended.. but writing down thoughts is good for the future


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    As for the choice of your heavy slots between preds/vindi/thunderfires, it kind of depends on how you play and who you play. Here is my quick summary. You can search the threads for more debate over this matter.

    The vindicator is really punishing to anything but it has limited range. (on the second turn you should have targets though.) The cannon will lay waste to both high armor troops (termies) and hordes If you use the vindicator, you should field atleast 2 because they are fire magnets and the enemy can maneuver around one.

    Anywho, vindicators are good for spearheading an assault. Dakka preds are good for fire support. You'd have a pretty heavy list if you ran with 2 vinidcators and a dakka pred. You could run the vindicator each with a rhino/razorback full of troops by it to spearhead in for the assault.

    The dakka pred is very versatile in its uses. If you put las cannon sponsons on, it helps for its anti-armor. The autocannon will punch holes in troops and light armor. It isnt quite the fire magnet the vinidicator because it doesnt have quite the damage potential that the 5" ord blast does.

    I think I'm rambling, so I'll stop for the moment.

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