Three games into 40k and Im not doing too bad

600pt v nids wiped the nids off the board
600pt v eldar draw
1500pt v ravenwing draw (i killed his scoring units but he came close to wiping me out with a load of surviving speeders)

Not too bad but I keep finding bit of my army that do and don't work. Last time out against the marines I really didn't like heavy weapons in line squads.

Sooo here is the latest 1850

command sqd
sniper x 2

2x 3man rat squads

Platoon command
melta x4
Chimera flamer/multilaser

3 squads
plasma pistol sgt
plasma gun

2 squads
bolt pistol sgt
grenade launcher

2x missile launcher squad

2x autocannon squad

executioner lascannon, plasma sponsons

russ lascano,n bolter sponsons

russ bolter, bolter sponsons

hellhound bolter

devil dog bolter

Anyones thoughts would be appreciated.