Hello, tomorrow nigh I'll be playing Blitz Mission againt an Eldar player for our 2nd round of the clubs tournament and was wondering what help you could possibly give me...

Basically the witch Hunters will include:

Lord Inquisitor with 2 Crusader and 2 Chirurgeons
(3) Arco-flagellants
Eversor Assassin
(10)Battle Sisters Squad with meltagun and flamer
(11)Battle Sisters Squad with flamer and meltagun
(9)Seraphim Squad with 2 flamers and meltagun
2 Exorcists
(6)Retributors with 4 heavy bolters

Swordwind will have about:

Farsees w fortune and witchblades
(13?)Storm Guardians squad w Warlock
(15?) Guardian Squad w Warlock
(3)Dark Reappers w exarch w missile
(3)Dark Reappers
1 War Walker

After reading the mission and paying attention to the forces I (Sisters) think will be better off choosing to be the defender if I get the chance but if my opponent gets to choose then he will almost for sure chose to be the defender himself. Based on these I would appreciate any tactics or general advice you can give me in the meantime....thanks..