Hi guys, I don't really post on here too often but something has come up in which I would like a second opinion on. I recently moved to South Korea and there is a small (but great!) community of gamers here, so I decided to start a new army. So far I have just been ordering all the products directly from GW (I know, the price of international shipping is horendous, but the items do get here within one week and money really isnt an option). Anyways, I haven't run into any problems until recently when I've tried to order the heavy weapons teams. They are continuously out of stock of all SOB heavy weapon teams, and this is infuriating due to the fact that the rest of the order needs to sit at GW GQ until they can fill this one item. Has anyone heard anything of discontinuation or the like (I can't get a straight answer from GW on the matter) Will I just have to rely on the kindness of ebay? Your thoughts?