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    Magnetizing Heavy Weapons

    Alright I'm not quite sure how to go about magnetizing my heavy weapons teams.

    If I want to be able to interchange all of the 5 weapons: Since the mortar and Missile Launcher dont use the tripod like the other three do Im wondering how I can do this to allow me to interchange all the weapons with magnets.

    Maybe Ill have to settle for either interchanging the autocannon, lascannon, and heavy bolter without the other two...

    If anyone has done this before or has any ideas how to magnetize it so I can interchange all the weapons I would really appreciate the info.

    On a side note the way the guardsmen attach to the weapons is different between the variants also. So if I do magnetize the weapons will I just have to accept that their arms wont be attached to the weapons or is there a way to do this as well?

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    I haven't magnetised mine because the tripod has a little hole in it and all 3 tripid weapons have pegs to fit in there. This means that I don't see the need to magnetise them.

    Yes none of my guys are able to be firing the heavy weapon in my teaams because of the different lengths of the guns, unless you want to magnetize the guardsmen to the bases I can't see a way to get around this.
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