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Thread: Walking Army?

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    Walking Army?

    I'm working on making a Marine walking army that uses 3 full sterngaurd units. Anyone think that having flamers in my tatic quads, and heavy in stern, worth it to clear objectives?

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    3 full sterns, a basic HQ and two full tacs, you're talking 1.2k points, so all this in a 1500point list?

    Right, heavy flamers do great and wonderful things against orks, but not so great against MEQs. Standard flamers do a similar job on orks, and again, are pretty shoddy against MEQ's.

    All those sterns and all those tacs, and you're lacking any armour and anti-armour what-so-ever. If someone took two LRC's in their 1500point list, you'll die, simple as.

    To balance this list out, you need meltas and las. How you take them is up to you, but you really need them.

    I advise you taking a Master of the Forge and grabbing a couple of Dreadnoughts so the enemy has some targets to worry about while your sterns shoot them to hell. You'll also need Rhinos, perhaps not for transport use but as cover they'll do great.

    You'll find this type of list will get ripped to 541T when you fight IG, Tau and Eldar unless you get some fast units in there, like LandSpeeders or Bikes for tank-popping duty.



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