Hi guys, apologies for initially missing you out on this. Feel free to sign up so you can show those Daemon hunter guys who's best!

Hey folks,

Having entered and enjoyed the Tau Arena of Death - Elite I have decided that the format is a great idea and that I would bring it home for the best of the best. The armies of the Imperium.

The challenge is as follows:


A great call has gone out across the Imperium. A contest of truly vast proportions is about to commence. Why? To determine who is the greatest miltary commander in the imperium. For the winner there will be riches and fame beyond belief, for the losers, shame and death.

All hail DavidWC04 for this wonderful idea.

The Rules of the Contest:

This is a sudden death 1v1 contest which will start on the 23rd of July 2009.


Transports, Deep Striking, Psychic Powers, and Infiltrating are permitted. Reserves and outflanking are not permitted.

Step One:

1 - Design the ultimate Imperial elite team.
- It can be no more than 150 pts all inclusive.
- You must strictly adhere to the rules as written in the Codex
- You must use one of the ELITE sections from the following codices:
- Any of the Space Marine Codices
- Codex Imperial Guard
- Codex Witch Hunters
- Codex Daemon Hunters
- You may field multiple units as long as the total remains below 150 points for the elite team

Step Two:
Private Message the unit to me, complete with the following information:

Unit Name - This is important (your forum name is sufficient)
Unit type - i.e. the selection name
Equipment/Wargear - If you don't list it they don't have it.
Points total (I will be checking, but include anyway)
Tactics - No more than fifty words. Any more will be deleted.

I will be taking no more than 16 entrants, formed into a bracket style tournament. Once I have 16 entrants I will not be taking any more. If we do not have 16 total, I will cut it off at the last number I can use to form a proper tournament structure. If there are many more players then I will expand the tournament into multiple heats.

Contests between players are to be held as best of 3 games.
Results will be calculated naturally which is to say that I will be rolling real dice and playing out the fight just like a real tabletop battle. Where possible I will be representing the elite forces with models from my collection, so we may even have some photo battle reports.

The combat field will be an oval dome. 72" in length and entirely devoid of terrain which blocks LOS.

Contestants will begin precisely 48" from each other. This means that weapons with range 48" will be in range on turn one. There will be two terrain features in the combat arena each placed six inches behind each team's initial deployment line. Each team's terrain piece is precisely large enough to accomodate the members of the team and no smaller or larger.

Each piece of terrain is dificult, ruins, and provides a 4+ cover save.

Players will be drawn to play random opponents at the start of each round. At the conclusion of each game I will post a short story with the best elements of the up to three games played.

If you have any questions please post below.

Remember, don't post your unit below, post it to me to keep it secret, keep it safe!

The composition of your team will be revealed at the semi-final stage or when they are knocked out of the competition.

Think outside the box, plan carefully, send in your teams!