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    Good setup for imperial guard?

    Imperial Guard Army-Basic


    Storm Trooper Squad 85 Points
    Ratlings 30 Points

    Infantry Platoon #1 30 Points
    Infantry Platoon #2 30 Points
    Veteran Squad #1 70 Points
    Veteran Squad #2 70 Points
    Current Total 315 Points

    Chimera Armourd Transport 55 Points
    Chimera Armourd Transport 55 Points
    Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron 100 Points
    Leman Russ Exterminator 150 Points
    Basilisk Ordanance Battary 125 Points
    Current Total 800 Points
    Points Left 200 Points

    Give Inf Platoon #1&2's heavy weapons teams:
    Heavy Boltor 10 Points (Total)
    Auto Cannon 10 Points (Total)
    Lascannon 30 Points (Total)
    Captain Al'Rahem 70 Points
    Commander Chenkov 50 Points
    Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron:
    Sponson mounted Heavy Boltors 30 Points (Total)
    Current Total 1000 Points
    Points Left 0 Points

    If anyone knows the rough cost of this army formation then please do share. Also, dont be afraid to shout out anything that could use a tweak here and there. Im open to adding/removing units or just switching out some wargear.

    Thx for reading, ZOMBIE OUT!


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    Platoons don't work as you have them listed. One need a minimum of 1 Platoon Command Squad and 2 Infantry Squads.

    Kinda hard to read the list, if you could rearrange as to show the HQ, Troop, Elite, Heavy and unit choice and just tab the upgrades/ dedicated transports (take a look at the army list section)

    If you are just going this route, the list is illegal (the Infantry Platoons) and I can't really tell what's going on with the way you have this organized.

    Don't make a separate section for vehicles and wargear. List them as part of their FoC slot and show the wargear options you are picking for each individual choice.


    • Veteran Squad - x3 Meltaguns, Chimera - 155

    Or something to that extent. Makes it a lot easier to give feedback.

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