Blood Hawks army list
Company captain-
Melta bombs
Power sword
Combi melta-gun

Assault squad-
Veteran sergeant with melta bombs
Power sword
Combat shield 170 pts.

Tactical squad-
veteran sergeant with melta bombs

4 Death Company
Jump packs 60 pts.

was just wondering how this army would fare against different opponents because i have only used it against demons, guard and chaos marines. i am using blood angels list

company captain- is there to give a bit more CC punch to the force and could be used against armour with his melta bombs and combi-melta

assault squad- charge forwards clearing defences and claiming objectives, can also be used against armour

tactical squad - there to hold objectives and be with the company captain, could also take down enemy armour

death company - second offensive unit charge forwards with assault squad, tie up tougher squads so that assault squad can attack weaker squads

personally i've only lost one game against demons the rest i have won.

the next thing to add to this list will be a chaplain, an extra assault squad and possibly more heavy weapons