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    500pt army attempt

    I have been collecting warhammer for a while now but i only did it for the models not the game. Now im starting the gaming side of 40k and was wondering what you thought of this army.

    Company HQ..........110pts
    • Power Sword
    • Medic
    • Sniper
    • Melta
    • Vox

    • Flame Thrower
    • Vox
    • Krak Grenades
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Vox
    • Krak Grenades
    • Vox
    • Lascannon
    Dedicated Transport.........70pts
    • Chimera
    • Extra Armour
    Fast Attack.............105pts
    • 3 Scout Sentinels


    Justice must sometimes come from the barrel of a gun

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    Hi there, welcome the the Imperial Guard. First off, this should be in the Army List section. Now let's have a look at that list.

    HQ: Drop the power sword. Guard are pretty useless in combat and the Company Command Squad is very useful for dishing out orders to your Infantry Squads, so you want to keep these guys alive. There are two great ways you can do this. Either give them Camo Cloaks and some long-range weaponry (Sniper rifles, Mortar) and stick them in cover, or get a Chimera and give them close range weaponry (Meltaguns, Plasmaguns). Mixing long range and short range as you have done means one of those two weapons isn't operating effectively.

    Troops: You cannot have Infantry Squads on their own, they must be part of a Platoon. One Infantry Platoon (1 Troops choice) consists of 1 Command Squad and 2 Infantry Squads - make sure you read the Codex. Alternatively you can have Veteran Squads, which are more expensive. Whichever you choose, make sure you take the full selection of Heavy and/or Special weapons. Infantry Squads can have one of each, while Veteran Squads can have up to 3 of the latter. Use it to your advantage! Also, consider dropping the Voxes and spending the points on more weapons.

    Chimera: Drop the extra armour. Spend the points on more weapons.

    Fast Attack: Not bad, you're keeping them cheap which is good.

    With Imperial Guard, you always want to try and maximise the amount of weapons you take. We can take more Special and Heavy weapons than any other army, so take advantage of that. A good Infantry Squad loadout is Grenade Launcher and Autocannon. A Veteran Squad with 3 Meltaguns in a Chimera can threaten any enemy vehicle you throw them at. Keep units small, cheap, with very few upgrades and full of weapons and you can't go wrong.

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