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    Land Speeder Squadrons

    First things first, I've checked other threads to get opinions, but since my question is fairly specific I suspect I'm in the clear in posting this.

    I've been running attack bikes for a while, and while they've done well, I have recently been considering adding land speeder teams in lieu of attack bikes, which seem to fall flat once they hit CC.

    As a quick aside, my army has moved a bit more to a passive aggressive shooty army, and the land speeders would reflect this as long range firing platforms.

    For lower point cost armies (1500 and lower), I was considering taking 3 Landspeeders, 1 w/ a Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon, 1 w/ a Multi Melta and Assault Cannon, and 1 w/ a Heavy Bolter and Typhoon Missile Launcher. They would act as a long range weapons platform.

    For higher point armies (maybe 2000, definitely 2500+), I was considering taking 6 landspeeders (2x3), one squad having 3 typhoon missile launchers, 2 Heavy Bolters, and 1 Multi-melta, and the second having 3 assault cannons, 2 heavy bolters, and 1 Multi-melta.

    The key thing is, are these formation viable, or how should I use them?
    Furthermore, for comparison of what I am giving up, I am trading in 5 sternguard (2x combi-flamers, and a powerfist) and 3 attack bikes (1 w/ HB ).

    Many thanks for advice in advance.

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    I would advise against having Speeders with different load-outs in the same squadron. This generalizes them too much and they won't perform too well.

    If you want well-rounded Speeders that are good for what they do, I'd suggest a squadron of Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamers.

    For Long-Ranged fire support, either a squadron of Speeders with 2 Heavy Bolters each or a squadron of Heavy Bolters and Typhoon Launchers will be good.
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