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    Making ISTs Overpriced

    What's the most costly and pointless IST squad you can come up with?

    Character - IST Veteran Sergeant with Artificer Armour, Master-crafted Lightning Claw, Refractor Field, Combi-Flamer, Meltabombs, Purity Seals & Bionics - 120
    Squad - 9x ISTs, 2x Flamer - 110
    Attached IC - Inquisitor with Artificer Armour, Icon, Holy Relic, Master-Crafted Lightning Claw, Incinerator, Meltabombs, Auspex, Frag & Krak Grenades - 160
    Attached IC - Grey Knight Grand Master with Bionics, Icon, Incinerator & Psychic Hood - 220

    5 Templates (4 after the Vet uses his Combi), 3 Initative levels in CC (I5 for the GM, I4 for the Inquisitor, I3 for the Vet), an S6 Force Weapon, a couple of Lightning Claws (master-crafted for extra wounds to reroll ) and Purity Seals. Keep the GM seperate and they can make Sweeping Advances; running him alongside them and charging together still gives you 3 Initiative levels in CC.

    That, my friends, is 500+ points of pure, unadulterated fail. I challenge you to pack more fail into an IST squad.

    EDIT: Legal fail; no giving them GK/ Inquis-only wargear.

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    Not bad.

    But a combi-plasma on the IST vet sgt is both more expensive and more useless than a combi-flamer.

    Grenade launchers on the regular dudes are also more expensive and more useless than a pair of flamers. I mean, flamers might actually kill some gaunts or something when you jump out of your Rhino.

    You forgot the Rhino. Better make it a Chimera instead. With all the trimmings.

    And you gave your Inquisitor an awesome incinerator when clearly the psycannon is both more costly and more useless to the unit. Give him a refractor field instead of the icon to compensate. The Icon goes to...

    And for the GM, let's see: psycannon, grimoire of true names, hammerhand, scourging, consecrated scrolls, icon of the just.

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