We are currently having problems with old and forgotten polls resurfacing on the first page of the forums. This is due to a resurgence of member-votes, which "refreshes" the poll and brings it back up to the top. In the future, please refrain from voting in a poll that has not been active in over a month (i.e., active in the way of new posts).

Also, members should set a "closing date" to their polls, which will automatically prevent old polls from resurfacing once the closing date has been reached. I generally advise a closing date of one month after the poll begins.

Third, I've closed or added closing dates to the half dozen polls on the first page of the Witch Hunters forum. If anyone wishes to have a poll extended, you may contact me via private message, or post here.

Finally, we hope (eventually) to sort out this little predicament with old polls and have a default end cap for polls posted without closing dates. Until then, please abide by avoiding new votes in old polls.