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    Power Fists and lightning claws questions

    Couple rules questions:

    Powerfist: If you have a power fist and bolt pistol and 2 actions (sgt) , do I get two swings with the powerfist with its bonuses and still one extra with the bolt pistol (but without P fist bonuses)? Does my charge bonus attack resolve with the power fist?

    Lightning Claws: If I have two lightning claws does that mean I get another bonus attack on top of the regular +1 for having a 2nd weapon?

    Also, If my Captain is in a Tac squad and we assault another unit. Does the Capt. resolve all of his attacks and enemies counter attacks on just the base to base models with the capt? If an enemy squad assaults my squad with the Capt. in it, is it the same? What happens to the other models in the unit?


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    Your Sergeant has 2 (melee) attacks, not "actions".

    A bolt pistol with a Powerfist does nothing (besides granting you a 12" bolter shot), the extra attack when you charge (beginn the assault) is resolved as with the Powerfist.
    With a Powerfist, Lightning Claw and Thunder Hammer you need a second of the same weapon to get the extra attack from having a second close combat weapon. A bolt pistol counts as a normal close combat weapon ... so you don't get the extra attack with one of these three special weapons. These three are the only exception afaik.

    With two Lightning Claws you get ONE extra attack for having a second close combat weapon. Normally you don't get +1 attack while wielding one of these three special weapon and another (not the same) close combat weapon.

    So it is like... (CCW = Close Combat Weapon)

    CCW + CCW = +1 attack
    CCW + Bolt Pistol = +1 attack
    Power Weapon + CCW = +1 attack
    Power Weapon + Bolt Pistol = +1 attack
    Lightning Claw + CCW = +0 attack
    Lightning Claw + Bolt Pistol = +0 attack
    Lightning Claw + Lightning Claw = +1 attack
    Power Fist + CCW = +0 attack
    Power Fist + Bolt Pistol = +0 attack
    Power Fist + Power Fist = +1 attack
    Thunder Hammer + CCW = +0 attack
    Thunder Hammer + Bolt Pistol = +0 attack
    Thunder Hammer + Thunder Hammer = +1 attack

    You can also take two different special weapons, but it doesn't make much sense as you have to choose with which weapon you want to attack (you can't combine both weapons).
    Else you always resolve your attacks as with the special weapon. (yep, if you take a Tac with 1 attack, give him a power weapon and bolt pistol he has 2 power weapon attacks (3 when charging/assaulting))

    Afaik the only upgrade that grants +2 attacks are double-Scything Talons from the Tyranid codex.

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    check rule book page 42

    but in short
    NO the two attacks are general (i suppose you could use the pistol for these but what idiot would do that when you have a powerfist, yes i know its at In1)
    So no you dont get the extra attack
    you get 2 attacks with the PF or 3 if you charged
    If you have 2 close combat weapons (proper weapons not the side of a gun) then you get a a bonus attack,

    so with 2 CCweapons and charging you could get 4 attacks and coming out of a LRC that would make 5 attacks (with kantor near it could even be 6 attacks) lol

    see rule book page 42 for 2 CC weapons and the effects if they are different weapons
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