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    Bring Thus A Name

    Hello Everyone!

    This is my first post on these forums. I have tried others but everyone tells me this is the place to be. Anyway, straight to the point.

    I have played Space Marines for about 8 years running, and have always picked GW created chapters. Like many other veteran players I have decided to branch out on my own and have hit the giant stump which is the curse of my life... picking a name. (several hours of my life sunk into just creating character names for World of WarCrack, which thank god I stopped to return to Warhammer 40k).

    I am just never satisfied with anything I come up with so I was just gonna see if some of you could throw me some words/phrases/names/anything! to get me jump started. The background fluff I am going to use will be name independent, so I am looking for something rather neutral like blood ravens, etc. Just not one already created.

    As for the look of my marines I want to go for a combination of purple/gold/bone and have chalices, some with wings, others with spikes, etc. I like painting these colors, and they make for a flashy, yet, royal look. I am attempting to stay away from blood or red, cause I do not want a blood angel successor and any of its downfalls (black rage be damned). AND I know Soul Drinkers have these themes, but I haven't read the books and want to be within the imperial fold.

    Anyway, some names I've rushed together are:

    Emperor's Tears,
    Lucid Guard,
    Dawn Dealers,
    Chalice Angels,
    Eternal Warriors (fountain of youth, holy grail idea),
    Eternal Guard,
    Emperor's Eternals,

    Please let me know if any of these sound decent or if you can think of a better combination.

    Thanks for any help!

    - Z

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    Welcome to LO.

    I find it also very difficult to name chapters, or even units.

    Given your fluff, and something fitting from history.

    Emperor's Templar - militaristic Crusading for the Emperor, faction.

    Just an idea.

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    You could take the names you like and run them through a latin translator.

    Ex: Eternal Warriors --> Eternus Proeliator

    I use translation but there are tons of translators around.
    Free Online English to Latin Translators

    The Emperor Protects
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