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    new to imperial guard. help plz!!!

    Hi im new to the whole posting online thing so please be patient with me. im also new to imperial guard thou i have been playing salamanders for the last 6 months. anyways here is my 500 pt list from 5th edition please comment and help. thanks in advance.

    HQ: CCS Bolt pistol, lascannon team, sniperx2

    TROOPS: Veterans, Bolt pistol, meltagunx3, chimera transport with 2x heavy bolter

    PCS, Bolt pistol, Missile launcher team
    Infantry Sq1 20 guard, Lascannon team

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    Bolt pistol is pointless, lascannon is too expensive, snipers suck.

    Bolt pistol is pointless, Multi-laser and heavy flamer works better (ML = anti-light armor and multiple high S shots, HF = death to close up baddies).

    Bolt pistol is pointless, Autocannon > missile launcher, lascannon too expensive.

    There's not a lot you can do with 500 points, just drop a lot of the pointless upgrades and you should be on the right track.

    2 Vet Squads in Chimeras, CCS in Chimera and Sentinels or a Hydra would work better. Or just 60 men. Pick a style of play that suits you, test it out with proxies before committing your money to something you aren't sure of, and go from there.
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