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    Ravenwing vs White Scars

    I was wondering... which of the two is more effective? What are the strengths/weaknesses of each build?
    I'm merely referring to 'all fast attack' builds. So no mixing with footsloggers etc.
    Just the bike and other fast attack vehicles composing an army.

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    Well, Ravenwing actually have a ruleset, so immediately they have a headstart. White Scars, however, are an entire chapter of bikers, whereas Ravenwing are just one division of a chapter. As far as complete military strength is concerned, the White Scars are superior, for obvious reasons. However, in a head-to-head skirmish, both are pretty much the same. My vote, however, goes to the Ravenwing.

    ~ DiW
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    Well lets take a look at both sides.

    Fielding a bike army

    White Scars
    -Ability to replace combat tactics with Outflank
    -Ability to field 5 man bikes as troops
    -K. Khan gives your squad furious charge
    -More bodies
    -Little more flexibility with the heavy and fast attack choices
    (more choices essentially)

    -Bikes are troops by default if you take Sammel
    -Bikes have Scout therefore can choose to outflank or re-deploy using scout
    -Bikes are fearless
    -More tactically demanding because of the price of 3 bikes and you cannot take a single bike

    Playing a bike army

    White Scars
    -Because White scars have the outflank ability to take advantage of this most players will make the mistake of outflanking everything.
    -The payoff of this if you are playing a drop pod army OR a relatively static shooting you will do some serious out maneuvering without having to do anything
    -The drawback is if you are unlucky enough to play a veteran while outflanking to be out maneuvered yourself. Only half your unit should come in, then a 66.6% chance to come in on the side you want.

    -You are limited to the restrictions of Outflank (Move, Shoot, Charge) max movement will be 18" with the charge
    -If you are forced to deploy first and your opponent is a shooty army. If he forces you to deploy first you put yourself at risk outflanking because he come in from reserve to offset your surprise.

    example. White Scars vs Tau
    When forced to go first. While making a mistake of outflanking.

    First turn- Outflanking nothing on the board.
    Opponent- Centralize my forces to concentrate the side in which best to react. Reserve my mobile firepower.
    Second turn- half your bikes come in. Nothing to charge, so you shoot your bolters off in hopes to kill something. A squad goes running.
    Opponent- half y hammerheads and my fire warriors come in on devilfishes ready to line you up. =/

    The problem people have when playing White scars

    Playing Ravenwing
    -Because ravenwing bikers have Scout and not Outflank they have much more flexibility when it comes to deployment. They can draw out enemy fire power then use thier scout move before the game to hide and catch their enemy ill positioned.
    -The same advantages as white scars except they are short handed when it comes to numbers.
    -tougher to knock off objectives because they are fearless vs ld 10
    -Can chose to deploy normally or Outflank and still out maneuver if forced to move first.

    There are few games that i can recall that ravenwing are pushed. With imperial guard any bike army will have trouble which you need to use your mobility vs speed. The two are very different.

    For example you are playing a Fire army (An army in which likes to take the fight to you)
    Deploy your heavier units (i take 2 Vindicators with a pred for my bike army)
    Somewhere in a corner to turtle. (draw them out from thier caves [cover])
    Catch them off guard in thier tanks or in open cover (with my vindicators most people are scared to push without cover) with outflank or just from deploying from your table edge. 12" move is nothing to laugh at. That is a very Fast move i learned in which to counter a triple excutioner leman russ squadron. 15 plasma canon shots! OUCH!

    With either army the play style of a bike army is very intellegent and refreshing altogether.
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