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    I am trying to decide between elites and Heavy weapons squads for my command support choices.

    I know you can only have 3 elite choices and so far I have built only 2 one Harden veteran squad and one storm trooper squad.

    I also know that fire power is the bread and butter of the IG so do I use heavy weapons and leave the elite choices on the side lines.

    At this point I choose between the following:
    Harden veteran squad
    Storm trooper Squad

    Heavy weapons:
    2 Mortar squads
    2 Auto Cannon Squad
    2 Las Cannon Squads

    Depending on what mission I am playing I usually take a mix of 5 that usually goes like this; 1 elite chice and 4 heavy weapons.

    So what do you do or am I off in left field mowing the grass?

    Please give me some guidance.

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    Elite choices are great because they have a better BS than regular guardsmen, which can come in handy quite a bit.

    I suggest one of two things. If you want a mobile unit with assault weapons, then use stormtroopers with plasma or melta guns and probably use deep strike to make sure they get to your target.

    If you want to use heavy weapons that have a better BS, then your only choice is hardened vets. I would give them a lascannon just as a preference, since it's usually pretty important for your lascannon to hit its target.

    Just as a piece of advice: Every single squad in your army that can hold a heavy weapon should HAVE a heavy weapon of some sort. It really makes other armies nervous to see, for instance, 18 HW's lined up across from them.

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