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Thread: Ownage

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    Yo my bretheren, i am new to dh and wh40k in general and i made the noobish mistake of challenging a vet BA player to a 2000 pt match on tuesday. this guy is all cc with only 1 LC in his army so i thought i might make him think twice about charging a group of GKs. i play a puritan all GK army and i want my GrandMaster to weild some serious ungodly might in CC and i was wonderin if ane1 god make up a really really really pimped out GM for me to slaughter his nast nast DC. thx in advance

    By the way i need answers kinda fast cause the match is on tuesday.

    Ghengis Khan and the Chinese emperor

    Ghengis: bow to me or ill kill you
    emperor: as the peaceful lily offers shade to the weary silk worm i would welcome death
    Ghengis: what?
    emperor: no matter how the wind rages the mountain cannot bow to it
    Ghengis: what the hell?
    emperor: as the sun finds rest after a weary day* saying interrupted by emperors head getting sliced of.

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    Check the pinned tactica in this section, it's got a large section on different builds & uses of GM's.

    Couple of main points: You MUST give him a bodyguard. All those lovely points won't do squat without that protection. If you want him to own at combat, drop his stormbolter for a power weapon (cheapest CC weapon you can buy for him) to net him an extra attack with his NFW. Icon of the Just is essential as well.

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