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    Questions, questions......

    A few thing I would like to clear about Heavy Weapons Team

    Q1. How do you consider heavy weapons team on instant death rules? Is the model count as single model with multiple wounds or 2 models with 2 wounds on the same base.

    Q2. If a heavy weapons team mounted in a Chimera, can the team fire its heavy weapon (e.g. Lascannons, Autocannons......) as the clause in the codex says that "Five models can fire from Chimera's top hatch. In reality, several are firing from the lasgun emplacement along either flank, but for simplicity we assume all shots to be taken from the hatch" regarding fire points.

    Q3. For transport purposes, are heavy weapons team counted as models that take up 2 slots just like Ogryns?

    Q4. Since the new FAQ for Imperial Guards are up the errata with clauses "Two other Guardsmen......" and "Two other Veterans......", does this mean I can upgrade the squad with more than one heavy weapons team as long as the models are not equipped with special weapons?

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    A1 - Single model with multiple wounds.

    Ie. 3x shoots of a Multilaser can instant kill an entire HWs squad of six wounds in a single salvo.

    A2 - Yes, it can fire.

    A3 - Yes, it count as two like an ogrin.

    A4 - No. The only way of get a second HW is buy a Heavy Flamer.
    "The only valid test is combat; the only valid result is victory"
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    If I could take two heavy weapon teams in one veteran squad I would be a very....very....very happy man.

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