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    Penal Legion Fluff

    I was wondering if those of you that aspire to uphold fluff and WYSIWYG in army lists, can answer a simple question.

    Preamble: My guard fluff
    The Kaag VII Veterans are part of a hard-hitting Army Corps that has been permanently requisitioned by Ordo Xenos. New recruits to the regiment are infact veterans from other Kaag world units. Having seen countless battlefields, this regiment shows no fear as it cleanly and efficiently scythes through the enemy ranks.

    Inquisitors and inquisitional auxilleries are often seen along side them. The Kaag VII Vets have received numerous commendations by its superiors. Due to its close working relationship to the Inquistion and its prestigious record, its units are excellently equipped and supported.

    Efficiency and discipline are prized tenants of the regiment's philosophy, but a measure of leniency is bestowed upon these forces regarding their combat tactics. As long as the Emperor's holy vengance is brought down swiftly and without respite upon their enemies, their inquisitional superiors have overlooked incongruencies with the orthodox statutes of warfare set by the Imperial Guard at large.

    The Question:
    Considering my fluff, could veterans be fielded as penal legion troopers. This would represent the unorthodox means justified by the inquisitor's ends. Do you think this is objectionable?

    Thanks for you help.

    "...and thee shall know the Emperor's might when thy enemies fall before thy guns. No crude Orkish blade can pierce thy anointed armor, nor any twisted alien resist the sting of thy sword." ~Major Kaelen Rhodes

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    Its fluff, it doesn't have any effect on the rules so do what GW wants you to do and get creative.
    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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