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    How do Heavy Weapon squads work?

    I need help on how IG heavy weapon squads work.

    Let's say I have the following.

    IG infantry platoon:

    1 command squad with heavy bolter squad

    2 10 man squads with 2 Lascannon squads

    I understand that the heavy weapon squads deploy at the same time as the rest of their squad, but are they part of the squad? OR do the heavy weapon squads deploy (at the same time) but are considered a separate unit for targeting and being targeted?

    I.E. could I take all three of the heavy weapon squads above and put them on the other side of my deployment zone, away from their parent squads?

    Another Question:

    Lets say I have the following below:

    1 Heavy Weapon Squad: One Autocannon, One Lascannon, One Heavy Bolter

    Do all three HW teams deploy as one squad, having to fire at the same target, or can they be placed separately?

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    You can either take heavy weapons as an upgrade for a command squad, guardsman squad etc... or you can take them in a seperate squad in their own right. If they are taken as an upgrade for an infantry squad or command squad etc..., they are part of that squad, as two men from that squad have to crew it.
    Platoon command squad:
    1 junior officer with powerfist
    1 medic
    1 guardsman with grenade launcher.
    1 heavy bolter team

    Their are five men in this squad, and two of them are crewing the heavy bolter. The team must remain part of the squad at all times, deploying with it, and are part of the squad for being targeted and targeting.

    Alternatively, if you take a heavy weapons squad (made up of three teams) they function as a squad. They move together, and must shoot at the same target. They are also targeted as a squad. They are part of the platoon, but do not have 'parent' units. They deploy at the same time as the platoon, as the whole platoon is one troops choice. However, after deployment, they function as an independant squad.

    I hope this helps.
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    If you ever want to know where best to put them, I'd say in infantry squads. Most people would say "no" to putting them in veteran squads, but most of the times I can't help putting an auto-cannon in some of my vets, depending on what they're going to be killing (or on the odd occasion, mortars + 3 grenade launchers)

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