HQ: Captain Khan ( stand in for Ideus of the 4th company ultra smurfs)
Command Squad
4 power weapons
4 storm shields
company banner
Ortan Cassius

Troop: 10 man Tactical Squad
Melta Gun
Power Weapon

10 man tactical squad
plasma gun
power weapon

6 man scout snipers
5 sniper
1 missle
6 camo cloacks

Elite: Iron clad dread
heavy flamer

Reg dread
heavy flamer

Heavy support: Land Raider Redeemer
Multi Melta

Land Raider Crusader
Multi Melta

Devastator squad

Plan is to have the 2 dreads, the deva squad, and the scouts start on the field and start trying to pick off enemy tanks and transport. The redeemer will have khan cassius and the commnad squad inside it, and the crusader will have the rhinoless tact squad in it, so the 2 land raiders and the other tact squad will out flank in on the field and reak havoc.

Comments and critisism are welcome and much appriciated.