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    Dark Angels Terminator Weapon Distribution

    So I was wondering what is everyone's opinion of which weapons are best on terminators for Dark Angel squads.

    Considering they can mix and match between weapons, I find them to have superior versatility to normal SM squads, which are either all assault or the storm bolter variety. The main question is, what distribution of weapons do people think is best for 5 man squads, between Storm Bolter/Powerfist, 2xLCs, and TH/SS?

    I like the assault options, though I'm somewhat apprehensive of the inability to fight at range, but at the same time I'm a little saddened by the minimal firepower output from storm bolters.

    I've considered maybe running a 4x SB/PF, 1x heavy flamer/PF (w/ some chainfists for good measure) as a ranged defensive holding team, and a 3x LC and 2x TH/SS for offensive breaking battles (perhaps a bit heavier on the TH/SS in some situations). This is for the 2x Deathwatch teams in my 1500 DA army.

    Thoughts etc. are much appreciated.

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    If you like to mix the options up try putting a heavy flamer and powerfist in with a unit with lightning claws - you get the short range flamer in a position that works best for it plus the unit now gets a powerfist. I don't see much point to the thunderhammers though, that one is up to you.
    Some people like to put a lightning claw terminator in with four ranged. This is pretty much the same theory as adding the heavy flamer in with the other lightning claws. The unit will be able to get a few higher initiative kills, weakening the enemy before the powerfists hit and finish them off.

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