So I'm an old Space Wolf Player. They were my first army back when i started in 2000 or so. I use to run them as a Mech list before. Some Grey Hunters and Blood Claws in Rhinos with Scouts and a Venerable Dreadnaught to back them up. Oh and the Wolf Lord with Guard in a Landraider.

But now there are just so many more options to use that i feel like i should try something different for my List. I like all the options and think that this is a very fluff oriented list that GW has written. Even if Rune Priests and Grey Hunters are a little over powered in my opinion.

My only Problem is with the Thunderwolves. I can't look at them and laugh at the absurdaty of a Space Marine riding a giant Wolf. With that said looking at the rules for them i can't help but think that they do have their place in the grand stratagy of what i want to go for.

My real question for you other Wolf (And no Wolf players) is what could i use to represent these beasts. My origional thought was a werewolf. Some of the fluff suggests that true Wulfin are huge man eatting monsters. Could i use a werewolf model on a Monsterious Creature base to represent a pack of Thunderwolves, or to you guyes think that i'm just streching at an ever stupider idea then Space Marines on giant Wolves?