Using logic to explain many non-issues in the new codex.

Problem #1:

Q: Do Wolf Guard count as a 10th member of a GH pack when determining whether or not I can take the second special weapon?

A: No. As is clearly written in the codex, the Wolf Guard are not assigned to their various packs until just before the game starts, and as such do not count as a member of the pack for the purposes of list building. Yes, this means you must choose between a Wolf Guard Leader and the second special weapon if you plan on mechanizing.

Problem #2

Q: Does Jaws of the World Wolf require a To Hit roll?

A: No, JotWW comes with it's own unique rules for targeting and damage. To use the power, you make a psychic test, and then draw a line starting at the Rune Priest and ending at any point 24 inches away. Enemy models that full under the line must take an Initiative test as stated in the Space Wolf Codex. As such, it does not require LoS, as there is no specific target. In all other respects, it counts as a Psychic Shooting Attack, and therefore may not be cast if the Rune Priest ran in the shooting phase or cast out of Close Combat.

Problem #3

Q: If I assign a Wolf Guard Leader to Wolf Scouts, do they lose the Behind Enemy Lines rule?

A: As long as the Wolf Guard Leader is not wearing terminator armor as specifically stated in the codex, they may outflank and use BEL as normal.

Problem #4

Q: If I take a Thunderwolf Mount, does my character count as T5 for the purposes of Instant Death?

A: Yes. The TWM is a flat profile increase with no additional catches. Therefore your mounted character is T5 and not paranthesed as a biker character would be.

Problem #5

Q: My codex says that SW Drop Pods can only transport 10 models, but the normal SM codex can take 12, what's the deal?

A: Space Wolves, for whatever reason (some people claim that GW never intended the Drop Pod to hold 12, and is in the process of correcting it) can only bring 10 models in a pod. I like to think it's because Space Wolves use the extra room for kegs, but you can imagine your own reason if you'd like.

Problem #6

Q: If I pod Logan in with a squad of Long Fangs, can I give them the Relentless special rule so they can fire the turn the pod lands?

A: There is no perfectly clear answer for this, but most reasonable people think it's perfectly okay. Some may argue that Logan can not use his ability since he is not in play at the beginning of the turn when the power activates, but most interpret it as an inspirational howl Logan gives as the pod makes it's way down. This is one of the few real issues with the new codex that does need an FAQ (as opposed to the many imagined issues) but for now I wouldn't feel guilty about using the ability.

Problem #7

Q: I can't figure out what models to use for Thunderwolf Cavalry!

A: Well hopefully there will be a box set sometime in the future, as the Canis model is expensive, and a lot of people think it's ugly. For now, this model: Circle of Orboros #72040 War Wolf Solo is of the correct scale and fits a space marine well. Alternatively, the sabretooths from the Ogre Kingdoms Hunter model (Ogre Kingdoms Hunter | Games Workshop) also fit a Space Wolf ride quite well, but will require some greenstuffing to look like Wolves.

Any other questions, post in this thread, I'm sure you'll receive plenty of answers with varying degrees of validity.