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    Sisters Colour Scheme

    My brother had some SoB bought for him a while back. I was not sure of a colour scheme so I suggested orange and red. Would this strike as a good colour scheme, or should I suggest he change it?

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    Just like the Marines you can paint the Sisters in as many colours as the rainbow.
    But the Orders Militant make use of three main colours in the design of their uniforms; black, white and red. If your brother wishes to stick to a traditional colour scheme for a traditional order the colour scheames are:

    Order of Our Martyred Lady
    .The uniforms of the Order of Our Martyred Lady emphasise black armour and cloaks, with red linings for the cloaks, red weaponry and white used for the piping around the cloaks and for the unit insignia.

    Order of the Sacred Rose
    The Order of the Sacred Rose wear white armour, with contrasting black cloaks. The lining of their cloaks is red, and their weapon casings are also deep red.

    Order of the Ebon Chalice
    A Battle Sisters of this Order wear black armour and white cloaks. The lining of their cloaks is red, and the hems are embellished with silver studs. Their weapon casings are a deep red.

    Order of the Argent Shroud
    As the name of the Order suggests, its Battle Sisters wear silver armour coupled with white cloaks that have red linings. The weapons they wear are also red.

    Order of the Bloody Rose
    The armour worn by the Battle Sisters of this order is a bright blood red colour Their cloaks are black on the outside with pure white linings. The Sisters' weaponry is black, matching their cloaks.

    Order of the Valorous Heart
    Battle Sisters of this Order wear black armour as well as black cloaks. Cloak linings are white whilst the only trace of red evident in their uniforms is in the Order badge and the Ecclesiarchy symbol.

    However over the years the color scheames of the orders vary and so are new orders are created, so I don't see why not to have orange or red or even pale green and pink sisters. May the blessings and fourtune be upon your brothers sisters!

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