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    Please refresh me.

    Hi everyone! I've been playing for a while, but I took a two year break due to reasons beyond my control.

    Now I am back and I am really excited to get back into the game! I do have a problem though, I can't afford the rule book yet,I have read the IG codex however. So I am out of date.Therefore I would like to ask for your experience, before I revamp my army list.

    My old Valhallan army list in a nutshell was 2 Leman Russ BT and 1 Basilisk, I have a demolisher, but rarely used it, 1-2 sq of ratlings, 1 sq of stromies, a simple Command sq, obsene numbers of troops with a missile launcher in each squad, often an obsene number of conscripts for cannon fodder, and little to none fast attack. Often I would field Grey Knights to augment my lack of CC.

    The idea was more often than not to remain fairly static unless there was an objective to get. I am open to the idea of getting less static if this tactic is not viable any more.

    What suggestions do you have for changes both tactical or army list wise? I am really open to anything.

    I am planning on getting some sentinels, what would you suggest on their loadout. Are Leman Russ BT's still amazing? I've read I should get something other than a basilisk, is that true? If so, what? Can vanquishers still fire normal rounds? Is the LR punisher or exterminator any good?

    Thank you so much!
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    Welcome back. If you find the hardback too much of an investment, check eBay or similar sites for the mini-rulebook that came with the Assault on Black Reach starter set. All the same rules, just in a smaller paperback book with none of the fluffy extra bits. You can probably pick it up for 5-10 bucks.

    The big changes between 4th and 5th are the increased survivability of vehicles (glancing hits can no longer destroy, AP1 gives a +1 modifier to damage, so meltas rule), increased prevalence of cover (you can hide behind your own units for cover, 4+ is the standard), brutality of assault and no more consolidating into fresh enemies, and an increased focus on objectives (VPs go bye bye).

    Your army looks like a typical 4th ed IG gunline. You have a lot more options with the new book.

    Here are some basics you generally want to be aware of:
    -Autocannons and Lascannons are the best heavy weapons. Lascannons only when they get twin-linked (on Vendettas or with the Bring it Down order). Both are used to knock out transports and light armor with good range, S and number of shots, plus they can stick wounds on pretty much anything and force saves.
    -Demos > LRBT. S10 AP2 is huge and since tanks can move and fire ordnance the short range is rarely a huge problem.
    -Meltas are the best way to destroy armor, bar none. S10 ordnance comes close.
    -Keep everything cheap, flexible, redundant and disposable.
    -Flamers and pie plates are your friends, use them to remove enemies entrenched in cover

    Based on what you have, it probably ends up around 1500 and needs some serious re-jigging. LRBTs, Bassies, MLs, Ratlings, Stormies and Conscripts are all resoundingly meh compared to other options in the new book.
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    Yeah, if you are an old IG player, you picked a hell of a time to get back into it, and I mean that in a good way. The Tyranids are a shell of thier former selves, and the Eldar are probably the most intimidating army that I personally have played. (I never liked them anyway, so no complaints.) But with that in mind, IG is a close second.
    IG has gotten better in every concievable way, even if, as the previous poster said, some units aren't as awesome as they used to be. Storm troopers have fallen the hardest, as Veterans are now troops choices and can do everything Storm Troopers can do, and do them better.
    Vehicles are way better, as they can now roll in squads, even if they are subject to squad rules. Leman Russes now have a plethora of variants with different turret weapons.
    Man, I am getting too excited...I am gonna flip through the rulebook and get all giddy again. Someone else, take over!
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    Your platoon squads can now combine to form massive hordes. perfect for keeping those weapons safe and marching to an objective. Just be sure to throw a commissar in there if you don't want 40 guardsmen run down by 3 space marines.

    Conscripts are now only 1pt less then a guardsmen for no weapon options, no commissar options, and worse stats. It'll prob be best to just have normal guardsmen act as what your conscripts used to do, especially since its so fluffy to have a commissar in the back of the ranks (whip not included).

    Although there is a special character that can allow you to perform neat tricks with a conscript squad by paying 50%-100% of the cost depending on how many conscripts were in the unit.

    Because of the increased surviability of vehicles, almost everybody has gone full mech. In guard this usually means going with all veterans as an infantry squad in a chimera isn't too dangerous because of their average BS and ability to only have one special weapon.

    That being said, it means that many armies will struggle against your gunline. since they're anti infantry rate of fire should be lower than they used to be back when you played. Just be sure to bring enough of your own AT fire for transports. Also the missile launcher is the odd bastard child of the heavy weapons, too low of a fire rate/inaccurate for transport busting, and while its versatile, the autocannon will take up almost any role that the missile launcher was used for. I still have one in some of my lists for fluff or cool facter, but its not the most efficeient.
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