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    Command Squad Question

    Hi, I am new to the game and am looking for some advice. I was wondering what the best way to outfit my command squad to go with my Captain w/ Relic Blade & SS. I am looking for a good assault unit to support the Captain. I am also looking to keep the unit cost under control so I can field enough other stuff, so maybe 100 or so points of gear. This would be for a 1750-2000 point casual game, not a tournament setting. Thanks.

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    Honestly unless you're planning on putting them all on bikes I'd give him a unit of Sternguard to roam around with. You can't assault from a (non Landraider)transport, footslogging is useless and they can't take jump packs if you captain does.

    This is what I use for my Captain's escort:
    On Bike: Command Squad on Bikes (or standard bike squad if low point game)
    Jump Pack: Vanguard (standard Assault Marine squad if low point)
    In Razorback/Drop Pod: Sternguard (Tactical Combat Squad w/ Melta + Powerfist if low point)
    Land Raider: Command Squad w/ power weapons and storm shields (or Terminator Assault Squad if low points)
    My Deathwatch Campaign
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    Initially, think power weapons to benefit from the extra CC bonus.

    If you have extra points or for modeling appearance, TH/SS looks awesome and gives you a good invulnerable save.

    Mount them on a Razorback or on a Drop Pod, depending on your play style.

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