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    Termies, what to do in a Marine list?

    Hallo all. Recently decided to start up a marine force due to buying Space Hulk and getting loadsa termie goodness, bringing my army total up to 4 for 40k and 3 for Fantasy. Woo. But I was entranced by a pretty GKTermie with psycannon model, and reasoned that it wouldn't technically be an extra army if I got it for my marine squad...

    So, what's the best thing to do with them? I know there's a similar thread near this, but I want my force to really work together. I'm using Shrike and a lot of assault marines, and the space hulk termies, and am wondering what to do.

    Should I take the termie librarian with storm shield for psykery goodness as my second hq, or should I instead opt to take HQ termies with a grandmaster, for some serious force weaponing goodness?

    Also, do marine teleport homers work for grey knight termies?

    Finally, would I be better off going psycannon or incinerator with the termies? Definitely deepstriking them, though the idea of a land raider intrigues me (marine raider, get some Redeeming going on) and it'd help them with their unfortunate lack of frag grenady goodness. Or is deepstrike just better for the shooting capabilities? Or, I could deepstrike the regular termies and Land Raider the knights... or deepstrike both as one badass gunning force, hopefully with the assistance of a teleport homer?

    Bear in mind I'm a Nid and Dark Eldar and Kroot Merc player before this, so my tactics revolve normally around getting them in combat and butchering 'em quick.

    Tanks in advance!

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    I actually play a very similar army using Shrike, assault terminators, scouts in land speeder storms and maybe some vindies. In higher point games, if I need psychic protection I normally use a libbie w/termie armor & storm shield.

    I also play the Grey Knights. Here are their pros & cons:

    Unlimited range psychic hoods
    Force weapon that bypasses Eternal Warrior (assuming you're using a GKGM)
    Very cool minis
    Excellent against Chaos (if equipped w/incense)

    Very expensive, esp. in an army full of terminators
    Cannot take advantage of Combat Tactics...thus they aren't Fleet in Shrike's army
    If you take them, you won't have much points left for scoring units

    As long as the GKT's are allies for the marine army, then they are the same army (FOC) and does benefit from SM teleport homers.

    Regarding psycannons and incinerators, if you're in a LR, then definitely incinerators are the way to go. If you're footslogging, then consider psycannons though they're pretty expensive.
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    For marines, you use GKTs pretty much exactly like you would assault terminators. The beauty of GKTs is that they are actually more points efficient -- more killy -- than even Vulkanized TH/SS terminators. They're S6, so against almost anything you would normally chase after with assault termies, GKTs wound just as easily. But they also maintain their Init 4! Which is really really huge when you're going up against other hammer units.

    Like, say, lesser Astartes TH/SS terminators. 5 GKTs > 5 assault termies every time.

    And GKTs are better low-I MCs like carnifexes and Tomb Spyders. They will generate enough attacks to kill the beasties before that beastie gets to swing back.

    There are very few situations in which GKTs aren't a better assault unit than regular assault termies.

    And they have a couple of special rules that will occasionally be handy (e.g., making daemons assault you at Init 1, having the Aegis to help defend against psyker powers).

    So just think about them and use them as your assault termies ... only better.
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    Yep, big ugly MC killing is what they are good for.

    Multi-charged 2 god-fexes with a GM and 4 GKTs. Opponent could belive that they died without being able to fight-back.

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