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    Cirus Vaga Rogue Trader (Long)

    Heya all
    Ive been working on the fluff for my imperial guard army for sometime and its basicly finished. Thought i'd see what everyone thought.


    Rogue Trader Cirus Vaga
    Previous exploits of Cirus before he received his letter of marque in 892.M41 are unknown. His rights of trade were within the Segmentum Tempests and Segmentum Solar. His first captaincy was of the trader vessel Curious, which he used to build a name for himself and establish contacts throughout the sector. By the year 901.M41 Cirus had purchased a minor fleet of merchant vessels with which he had created a spanning trade group and set up the merchant base Worlds End just on the edge of the Veiled Region on the moon of the sterile planet Adetheas Prime.
    Cirus’s first notable action in war was during the Badad War in 905.M41 when an Imperial Navy Lunar Class Cruiser The Jordan and its three escorts were set upon and boarded by traitorous vessels. Cirus was quick to act with his trader convoy, slipping onboard the cruiser and fighting to the bridge. Defeating the traitors leader in single combat, an Astral Claw Space Marine, taking control only to find every crew member had been slaughtered. Taking advantage of the confusion in the enemies ranks, Cirus vented the majority of the cruisers atmosphere, kill the remaining traitors. The Jordan had suffered serious damage, almost beyond repair. The imperial ship yards above Bakka refused to repair her and as such she was to be scuttled. Cirus took the opportunity and purchased the remains of the ship. She was hastily repaired enough to jump to the Adetheas sector where she was slowly returned to her former state. She became the Flag Ship of Cirus’s fleet.
    Cirus’s fortunes continued as his merchant fleet kept thriving. In 917.M41 Adetheas prime was declared a sovereign world of the Imperium. The governmentship of the sector was given to Cirus and Worlds End became a popular stopping point in the trade route through Segmentum Tempestus. It was heavily expanded; defenses installed and became known as a Trade and Information Hub. Not only for humans but for many Xeno’s it became a safe haven.
    In 921.M41 Cirus met two individuals who would be some of his closest allies. While guarding a convoy to the planet Stygies with agricultural machinery the fleet came upon a battle between Eldar pirates and a single craftworld Elder ship Sha’eil Novas (Hell Hawk). The pilot of the Craftworld vessel flew with unmatched skill completely avoiding the multiple attacks from the Pirates till The Jordan and its escorts Onikiya, Freeman and Avenged closed in and drove them off. Only two Xeno’s were on board the craftworld ship, twin Eldar brothers Cay and Ulic Qel Droma. Recently exiled from their Craftworld, they quickly decided to join Cirus’s fleet adding Ulic’s considerable piloting skills and the fire power of the Sha’eil Novas to the fleet.
    During the years 941.M41 and 942.M41 Cirus’s fleet and Troops were stranded on Armageddon in Hades Hive after delivering much needed food stock from Nou Fionaus. During this campaign Cirus’s forces participated in the defense, honing their city fighting abilities, working in small units directed by Cirus to cause major strife in the orc’s camps through hit and run tactics aided by mutant Hive Jumpers (see Military diversity for more information). They were eventually overrun and were forced to regroup with the Reinforcement forces of the Space marines.

    After the fleets valiant fighting on Armageddon Cirus decided to formalize a mercenary force. In 943.M41 Cirus had an official task force of loyal supporters ranging from ex-soldiers, rogue traders, decommissioned naval personnel, a vast amount of his forces were individuals unprepared to join the strict Imperial guard favoring Cirus’s high paying mercenary work where their lives were more valued. It also contained sanctioned mutant/ab-human units and wayward Xeno’s. The fleet has been involved in many pirate eradication, convoy protection duty and planetary defense or assault in conjunction with the Imperial Navy. Ground forces specialize in suburban fighting and boarding actions.
    During 965.M41 on the corrupt world of the Falus VXII fate brought Cirus and the Order of the Blood Rose matriarch Emila Jordana together. During fierce city fighting where the Order had been badly pinned by a whole genestealer hybrid guard company and Artilarry battery. Cirus led a whole platoon of Hive Jumpers across the roofs of the city striking the artilliary battery by surprise from above. Without continuous bombardment the Order was able to break cover and return fire on the genestealers. Deepstriking behind the now beliged genestealers, Mersons montau drove the hybrids into the waiting bolters of the Order. Following the routing of the company, the orders leader, Emilia Jordana met with Cirus, details remain unknown of the actual conversation but it is thought that Emilia believes that Cirus's destiny is important enough to dedicate the Order of the Blood Rose to following him.

    They have been involved in prolonged campaigns including the culling of heretical cults on Victus V in 953.M41 and the genestealer infestation eradication on Drunis in the Omends Sector in 961.M41. Also employed in the defense of Sdeni XI against maurading Ork Clans in 972.M41
    During the Second Tyrannic War in 993.M41 Cirus’s mercenary fleet was called upon to participate in the uprising on Ichar IV. Heavily involved in the city fighting, the Hive Jumpers and The Kais Mont’ka (see Military diversity for more information) proved to be invaluable.
    In the defense of Ichar IV from hive fleet Kraken in 995.M41. Situated in the front lines pitted against alien monstrosities Cirus men held firm, defending a defense laser against a horde of Tyranids. Eventually the larger creatures were destroyed except for a brood of Warriors. Cay Qel Droma shattered the Warriors’ connection to the Hive Mind with a powerful psychic blast, rendering them gibbering beasts, causing the lesser Xeno's to return to their natural state and fleeing from the battle field. The Warrior brood was captured and turned into Warrior servitors by Cirus’s Chief Engineer Kell Tainer and the psychic powers of Cay Qel Droma (see Military diversity for more information).
    The last known report of Cirus’s Fleet was in 006.M42 during the Medusa V Campaign where they defended a mining station from Necron attack at great loss.

    Noteable Personela
    Cay Qel Droma
    Twin brother to Ulic, the reason for their exile from their craftworld. His extremely strong psychic powers manifested at a very young age and were not found by the craftworlds farseers till too late due to his natural skill at shielding. He nearly became possessed by a Slaanesh keeper of secrets, only managing to disspell the terrible creature with the help of a full seer council. After Cay was physically shattered, the craft worlds council deciding him too much of a threat and was exiled. During times of war, Cay summons up his massive psychic reserves and wields it to destructive effect.

    Ulic Qel Droma
    Meeting Cirus in 921.M41, bringing the Sha’eil Novas into the fleet and his unique skills with exotic technology. Wielding his strange spear to deadly effect he can be found leading a squad of highly trained troopers in close range fire fights or assaults.

    Emila Jordana
    Matriach of the Order of the Blood Rose, rumoured to be romantically involved with Cirus himself. Generally can be found leading her retinue of seraphim in the thickest of the fighting, counter attacking any enemies that get too close to Cirus' gun line.

    Kell Tainer
    Master mechanic and ex-tech priest, he keeps the viehicles of the army going with help from Ulic.
    responsible for the creating the warrior servitor’s. He is generally found with his pets in full serovo harness either breaking enemie squads along side his terror causing constructions or his repairing his precious vehicles

    Onok and Bracc
    Onok and his trusty hound Bracc are from the home world of the Kroot, Pech. Leaving the tranquil jungles behind and taking with him his art of war. He left his home to find employment in the greater universe eventually meeting Cirus on Worlds end. He now leads the Carrec Anastari finding a defensive position and holding it at all costs.

    M’yen Mont’yr (Unforseen veteran)
    A Tau from the planet Sky’rrel Minoris, joined cirus's mercenarys in hopes of fighting orcs, expecially Warboss Grunstink, the orc leader responsible for the destuction of his home and family. He leads the Kias Mont'ka into battle, the most proficint sniper at cirus desposal.

    Captain David Merson
    Captain of The Jordan and Cirus second in command. Homeworld unknown but he is one of cirus closest friends. Has a fierce temper and leads Mersons mont'au into the thickest of the fighting wielding his famous hot-shot pistol gemma (named after a fiery lover) and his trusty power weapon.

    Military diversity
    Order of the Blood Rose
    During 965.M41 on the corrupt world of the Falus VXII fate brought Cirus and the Order of the Blood Rose matriarch Emilia Jordana together. With Emilia came many highly trained and equipped Sisters of Battle, Rhino Transports and Emilia's personal retinue of sperahpim.

    Hive Jumpers
    One of the few sanctioned Ab-humans. Hive jumpers are humans from the giant hives on many Imperial worlds who have necessarily evolved small wings used for short flights from hive roof to roof. Recruited on Armageddon during 941.M41, they have been with Cirus’s forces since its creation. They unfold their leathery wings as they charge at their enemies, jumping and gliding unnervingly fast at their target, unleashing their plasma pistols short but powerful charge within close quarters to deadly effect. Quickly stowing or discarding their spent pistols they continue to fight with two handed chainswords.

    Warrior Servitor’s
    In the year 995.M41 during the defense of Ichar V against the Tyranids, Cay was able to cut the Hive Minds connection to a Brood of Warriors, turning them into mindless brutes. Many were captured and turned into powerful Combat Servitors by genius Kell Tainer. With their natural strength, bio-weapons and resilient carapace augmented by mechanical implants they are devastating close combat squad. Generally lead by Kell himself in full Servo harness and power armor, they are used either as an assault spearhead in a transport or as a charge shattering counter assault unit.

    The Kais Mont’ka (Skillful Killing Blow)
    During a trade mission to Sky’rrel Minoris in the Tau Empire Cirus was approached by a group of disgruntled water, earth and Air caste members led by M’yen. They had lost their faith in the greater good after being denied the chance to seek revenge in combat against the Orks who raided and destroyed their village. They wished to join his mercenary forces in the hope of fighting against them. Not being of Fire Caste breed they are not born to be fighters, thus Cirus had them trained in the way of snipers. They have become fearsome ranged warriors, using the small stature to infiltrate to the best positions and remain unseen.

    Merson’s Mont’au (terror)
    A mixed species unit of the strongest Tau Outcasts and Human elites, Mersons personal assault troops. They generally teleport in from orbit to hit the enemy in their weakest position after Cirus’s main force has engaged them. Well armored and armed with the powerful Hell Guns or Tau Assault rifles and specialist weapons such as Inferno rifles or Plasma Pulses they quickly eliminate hostile forces near there deployment and move to assault important artillery or defended positions.

    Carrec Anastari ( Soul Ravens) A rag tag but extremely efficient team of Cirus’s most loyal and longstanding troops. Species, background or Rank plays no part in being chosen for this specialist unit. Personally selected by Cirus’s himself. Currently led by Onok, the unit includes Tau, Eldar, Human and Onok’s personal hound Bracc. Specializing in working separately from Cirus’s main force, heavily armed but minimally armored the use tactical assaults to deadly effect.


    Capital Ships
    The Jordan
    Lunar class Cruiser

    The Devout
    Dauntless class light Cruiser

    Sword class Frigate

    Sword class Frigate

    Firestorm class Frigate

    Sha’eil Novas (Hell hawk)
    Nightshade class Destroyer

    Elan Elidi (Strong wing)
    Orca class escort

    Cobra class Destroyer

    Cobra class Destroyer

    Cobra class Destroyer

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    2052 (x8)

    Thats one heck of alot of Background for your army. Good job. I like the way you've used different races to represent different units too, expecially the AirCast as Ratlings.

    Maybe it's the purist in me but I can't see sisters of Battle fighting alongside Xenos. It smacks against everything they beleive in. The sisters would purge half your army before the game and then kill Cirus VAGA for associating with Xenos.

    His planet too, Worlds End, I can't see the Imperium letting a world of the Imperium be home to so many (or any for that matter) Xenos. They'd come down and purge their taint from a pure world of humanity.

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