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Thread: Help Me!

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    Hey, i've only just started Witch Hunters. I need some help!

    Basically. I have a jumble of stuff

    3 excorcists
    3 immolators
    10 seraphim
    10 sisters of battle
    26 storm troopers
    Callidus assasin
    10 sisters repentia
    a canoness and an inquisitor

    I need to make a 1500 point army list for a tournament against any number of armies. Heeeelp! please.

    If necesarry I can buy some more stuff.. but i have a very limited budget.


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    The Canoness is a definite must for a Witch-hunters list, particularly if you have no henchmen for that Inquisitor.

    I suppose you'll hafta go with a 10-sister-squad with whatever special weapons you have on them and two stormtrooper squads with whatever special weapons they came with. If the Immolator has detachable parts and you could convert it into a Rhino, those would be dandy for either stormtrooper squads or the Sister squad.

    Seraphim can provide great fire-distraction, and if they don't, the enemy made a mistake or you're hiding them well. Two squads of 5, while providing additional targets, will lose half their forces after only 3 casualties, so whether you use a 10-sister seraphim squad or two 5-sister seraphim squads is completely up to you.

    Three Exorcists as your heavy support will probably provide all the anti-tank support you need, particularly with the 4th edition rules about AP1 weapons.

    If you have points left over, (I haven't bothered to calculate it since I don't know what options you're going to take,) go ahead and take the lone Inquisitor and Callidus Assassin, but I wouldn't suggest them unless you've got nothing else more effective to spend points on. If you have any servitors, (particularly plasma-cannon and heavy-bolter servitors,) those would also prove dandy to be part of the Inquisitor's retinue. Also, if you have any Imperial Guardsmen lying around, you could include an armored fist or infantry platoon if you can spare the points.

    Lastly, the Repentias will almost never get their points back, so I strongly suggest against using them.
    Every whisper of the future from the Warp speaks of a hundred battles lost, a thousand lives devoured and a million enemies born. -- Inquisitor Lord Babel

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