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    Logan wing question

    I'm tryting to come up with a good logan wing list but not exactly sure how to make it competitive any advice would be great.

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    Well, the first question you want to ask yourself is: do you want an all Terminator army or a more flexible one with other units.

    The former is harder to do since you have less options and pay points for Terminator armor you really don't need. I wrote up some articles on it on ==My== blog here.

    The latter is a lot more competitive because you can get Thunderwolf Cavalry. Thunderwolves mess anything up, all they really need is a way to bust armor from range so they can munch on troops. Wolf Guard get cheap mobile missile launchers, and with Logan they take up your Troops slots. They form the anvil, TWC are your hammer.

    As an example, here's ==My== Loganwing with TWC and other fun stuff:
    Rune Priest w/ terminator armor living lightning, murderous hurricane/jaws, chooser
    Lone Wolf w/ terminator armor, chainfist, storm shield
    2x Iron Priests w/ thunderwolves, wolf tooth necklace, wolf tail talisman, 4 cyberwolves
    4x Wolf Guard-WGT w/ cyclone, 4 PAWG
    3x 3 Thunderwolves, thunder hammer, storm shield

    Comes in at 2000. I've got ==My== Troops full of cheap mobile firepower with Logan and the Lone Wolf as protection against anything that gets too close. Meanwhile, I've got 5 scary cav units that eat people.
    Check out ==My== blog: www.bnhblog.blogspot.com

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