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    Concerning Manticores.

    There's a rumor floating around that the new Chimera kit will include a basilisk, and possibly a Manticore. If it turns out to be wrong, I'll have scratch built them regardless, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of them?

    Granted, they're only four shots, but, by the 4th turn, they should realistically have done just about everything they should have. They seem to provide some very excellent tank popping ability, and horde slaughter (and to an extent, even monstrous creatures). Throwing out instant death, while it's at it.

    What do you guys think about it? Seems like it would be a good addition, perhaps backed up by Vendettas or Valkyries?

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    Manticores are by far my favorite piece of artillery available in the IG codex.

    They beat basilisks in anti-tank with their multiple S10 side shots, and come close to their ability to kill MEQs just by sheer amount of wounds they cause. Plus, instant-death-ing T5 is nice. And closed top standard.

    They're like Medusas with worse AP, but more shots and the ability to fire indirectly to take out things like Battlewagons easily.

    Collosus' have their uses, but are too specialized IMO to take in anything but high point games. However, running a pair of Manticores in 1k has done me nothing but good.

    You can think of them as an upgraded Griffon, really. Same AP, but wounds better, can take on armor, more blasts, and closed-top.


    I'm not really a fan of gunships though. Everything in my army is supposed to be expendable (I spam chimeras) or able to stay relatively safe (manticores) but the Gunships are just begging be shot down turn 1 or 2.

    I always take manticores, and I love them. In 750, my heavy support is one Manticore. In 1000-1500, it's 2. In 1850+ it's two Manticores and a kitted-out Executioner. Just be sure to give them heavy flamers for point defense - you can't fire the hull weapons and rockets at the same time and you can bet you're never going to fire the HB when you still have rockets available. The HF can do some good in case deepstrikers get the better of you and you came out of reserve too early.
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