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    Leman Russ and Medusa Questions

    Hey everyone.

    Just started playing a few games at 500pt (won my first game ) so far with my IG, but planning on playing a 1000pt this week for some play testing purposes. I just have a quick question about the tanks in general, might be a dumb one but no one I play with as of yet has a single tank (and oddly the two guys out of the group who have been playing for years has yet to ever encounter an IG army besides mine), and myself being the only guard player obviously will be fielding them.

    I know the LR has the Lumbering Behemoth rule, and as such can fire its ordnance 1 cannon while moving at combat speed. My question is this, because its still a blast template, do you roll the scatter dice and 2 d6s - BS, or is it just a roll to hit and whatever is in the blast marker gets smashed to all hell?

    I've made three 1000pt army lists to try out, two of which feature the 2xLRBT, and the other 2xDemolishers (both lists will have naked tanks save Heavy Hull Flamers and Cannon), so I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.

    My second question is about the Medusa. It can fire directly and indirectly correct? I've noticed it has no min-range, and so I think a pair would be perfect for a small 1000pt game, though not a fan of the fact there not moving .

    Thanks for any assistance you can give.

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    The lumbering behemoth rule means you can fire your turreted weapon in ADDITION TO any weapons it could normally fire. So moving 6 inches you could fire that hull lascannon AND the turreted battle cannon (or other turret weapon). The template scatter is 2d6-3 inches.

    No sponsons means cheaper more mobile tanks. Most agree this is the only way to kit them out. Demolishers really shime vs AV 14. given the choice take the demolisher over the stock russ if you will face heavy armor.

    It cannot fire indirectly. Notice that in its profile that it does not have the word barrage. So as cool as it is, you need line of sight to fire it. Personally I'd go for a manticore and a pair of hydras.

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