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    Unofficial Variants

    Following on from the newly announced Elysian vehicle I wondered who used unofficial variants of vehicles (and troop types) in their games?

    I am assuming non-tournament official games obviously!

    If you do - what do you use or have you thought up?

    Do you use other than GW models and counts as or have you converted GW stuff?

    (Pictures would be nice!)

    I include couple of mine plus some new ones I'm working on.

    Valkyrie GA (Ground Attack)

    Autocannon, Missile pods, Heavy Bolters and a Laud Hailer

    (cue Apocalypse Now!!)

    Chimera ER (Extended Range)

    Uses the Hellhound Fuel Drums so loses the hatch and 6 x lasguns, but gains +1 point of armour to the sides - a favourite of recon elements and armoured battlegroups

    Rhino SPATGM

    Mounts 2 x HK launchers so count as twin-linked - loses transport capability but carries enough missiles to last 4 turns

    Rhino ACAV

    Mounts Autocannon and two pintle stubbers with extra armour o counts +1 point of armour to front, but also ounts as open-topped, can transport up to 6 figures

    (I posted this beforeI think a long time ago!)

    Picture 018.jpgPicture 021.jpgPicture 020.jpgPicture 019.jpg

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    If you want more options useing GW rules check out the Forgeworld website, and have a look at their downloads section. There are rules for an armoured company, which inlcudes loads of tanks that aren't in the codex.

    Some of your ideas look good. I would like to see invent some rules invented sometime for armoured cars, or other APC's. I'm working on an armoured car at the moment, and was planning to use chimera rules. Some jeeps would also be nice to see. They are used a lot in the military today, and I'd love to see some jeeps and trucks for the guard.
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