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    Mystic + Land Raider = a tough question

    I was reading my Daemonhunters codex earlier and came across a combination that's possibly too good to be true. To those who wish to comment, please reread the Mystics and Smoke Launchers to prevent confusion amongst ranks..

    Now the question, situation attached:

    I'm playing Chaos Daemons (hypothetically), and it is first turn. My opponent Deep Strikes a Soul Grinder ~14″ away from an Inquisitor with 2 Mystics. I roll my 4D6″, and find out he's in range. Can I then choose to tell my Land Raider to open fire on it, counting as stationary, if it used its smoke launchers?

    What if I have 2 seperate Inquisitors (both with 2 Mystics, rolled seperately from the other Inquisitor) in range of the Soul Grinder and the Land Raider? Can I have both of them tell the Land Raider to fire upon the Soul Grinder, therefore getting 4 Twin-Linked Lascannon shots, smoke launchers or not?

    I've rolled this over in my head, and I don't see any rules prohibiting from doing so. Maybe you guys can mull it over and tell me if I'm right or not with any certainty. And if not and why, I'd like to know so I don't try these shenanigans my next tournament and get the hax police called on me.

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    Not sure what you mean on your smokes comment, unless your alluding to the PotMS for the ability to take an extra shot while using smoke launchers, instead of none, you seem a bit confused on this point. Actually rereading the Mystics rule I'm pretty sure it means the retinue and Inq count as stationary only so they can fire heavy weapons at the DS'ers/daemons, and it would logically follow passing those free shots to another unit would similarly benefit from the same, but using smokes doesn't benefit you at all.

    But regardless you will generally have trouble shooting both cannons at anything due to the fact they simply don't have the ability to both target something in front/behind of the tank as the tank is wide and blocks its own cannons LoS (as they are sponson mounted). That being said you could still use two inquisitors to get two shots off. Its just of dubious value passing these shots on to a LR.

    You might get arguement over whether a LR counts as a unit though. As per the Inq passing the shots on.

    Here is the PotMS rule from the FAQ, I'm assuming since its a free download I can quote it here, if not a mod can remove it or if anyone lets me know I will.

    Machine Spirit: A Land Raider or Land Raider
    Crusader can fire one more weapon than would
    normally be permitted. In addition, this weapon
    can be fired at a different target unit to any other
    weapons, subject to the normal rules for
    shooting. Therefore, a weapon that has moved at
    combat speed can fire two weapons, and a Land
    Raider that has either moved at cruising speed, or
    has suffered a ‘Crew Stunned’ or ‘Crew Shaken’
    result can fire a single weapon.
    Quoted from the 2004 Daemon Hunter FAQ/Errata

    Edit: Notice the clarification that the shots must follow the normal rules for shooting, this I would guess means you can't fire the same weapon twice as well as the usual obvious stuff.

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    As long as you follow the normal shooting rules, you can indeed tell the same LR to fire twice from two separate Inq. units.
    This is the ability that you are paying for when including more than one mystic.
    Even better, that LR can target each and every deep striking unit that is within range of either Inq. if you so please.
    It's worth a krak!


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