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    New to Space Marines

    Hello fellow gamers,

    As the title states, I am new to Space Marines as an army to collect. As an Ork player Ienjoy the whole running up the battlefield. losing those not worthy along the way, and then smashing skulls with tons of CC attacks. I have won a fair few games, more than my signatures states, which I need to change, but I lost comfortably to Space Wolves, before the new codex for them came out, and it made me think, I have so gotta get my hands on a SW army.

    Anyways, my question is, I want to collect Space Wolves, but due to my lack of knowledge on the Space Wolves army building side of things, I was wondering if perhaps people could give me some hints and tips, to get me on my way? I play weekly at my local GW and I would like to get an army written and built over the next fortnight ready to kick some ass! As an Ork player I chose SW as they are similar in the fact they loves the CC like my Orkies.

    Any advice given, will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading,


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    well first things first the battleforce is a pretty good way to start. It comes with 20 men that can be turned into either Grey hunters, the main troop choice, Blood claws, a secondary troop choice that is probably worse than the first, or Wolf guard, the special weapon toating elites choice that a lot of people really like to use, usually in Grey Hunter squads like squad leaders. It also comes with five scouts, which are an elites choice in Space Wolves because they can outflank onto the opponets board edge (with melta bombs I might add). It also comes with a drop pod. Your next step would be to buy a HQ or two. The best choice would probably be a rune priest, who's psychic powers are nothing to laugh at. After that its up to you to decide what you want to get next. There are many ways to play space wolves. You could buy a couple drop pods and create a real good drop pod force peobably buying a dreadnought or two to go along, or buy more troops and depend on that 3+ save to get you across the board. Another way to approach your opponet is to get a lot of Rhinos and drive over to your opponet, or build a more shooty type of list with lots of Razorbacks, Long fangs, and Land Speeders. As with most armies there are lots of ways to pay them and it all depends on how you want to play them.

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