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    FNG Desperate for Expert Help

    Guys -

    I have recently decided to take up 40K and I've put together an Ultramarine Army that includes the following:

    2 sets of the AoBR marines (and one set of orks, should anyone need them)

    The following came from a buy on Craigslist and is half painted:
    1 Tactical Squad
    1 Devastator Squad
    1 Terminator Squad
    1 Scout Squad
    1 Marnius Calgar with 4 Honor Guard
    1 Chaplain Cassius
    1 Liberian Tigurius
    1 Biker Chaplain
    2 Scout Squads one squad is regular and heavy weapons and the other is a sniper squad
    3 Land Speeders
    1 Dreadnought
    1 Venerable Dreadnought
    1 Techmarine with full servo harness and 4 servitors
    1 Predator tank
    1 Rhino Tank

    Now, for all those wonderful Ebay purchases. I know, I've gone overboard, but damn I enjoyed it. Here's what I have:

    7 scouts (3snipers, 1 heavy bolter, 3 boltpistol/ccw), 21 marines( 1 sarge with powerfist/plasmapistol, 1 sarge with powerweapon/boltpistol, 1 sarge with boltpistol/ccw, 1 with missle launcher), 5 assault marines 2 with plasma pistols.

    5 Man Assault Squad

    3 Rhinos

    2 Whirlwinds

    2 Predators

    Legion of the Damned 5 man squad (with Sgt)

    Devastator Squad

    3 MORE Bikes

    4 Attack Bikes (2 w/ Multi Meltas, 1 w/ Heavy Bolter, 1 NI

    1 Apothecary

    10 Terminators

    Total outlay : More than I'm willing to admit to my wife.

    Now, the question: I'm playing in an escalation tourney. 1st wk: 400 pts skirmish rules, then 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, and 2000 over the next 5 weeks.

    Any suggestions on setting up armies, especially the 400 pt and 750 pt as those will be my very first games and I'd like to be competitive while learning.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hmm. Quite an assortment you've got there. Looks like roughly 70 normal marines with an assortment of sergeants and heavy weapons, 37 or so scouts, 30 Terminators, 4 Dreads, a small block of bikes, assorted command elements and a nice assortment of light and medium armour. A very solid foundation for all sorts of army styles.

    For your immediate concerns (400 and 750 points), there's really 2 schools of thought - the first is to build a basic, robust, no-frills force. Minimal to no HQ depending on the rules being used (sometimes small games don't require an HQ), and a few big, chunky blocks of Tacticals or Scouts. There's nothing fancy here, just lots of boots on the ground and guns on the line. It's not excellent at any one thing, but it's tough, dependable and able to do almost anything fairly well.

    A quick list I threw together goes something like this:
    1. Basic Captain with a Bolt Pistol and Power Sword (to take the most advantage of his combat prowess)
    2. 10 Tactical Marines, Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
    3. 7 Scouts with pistols and Bolters, Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Combat Blade.
    It works out to 386 points, so you've got room to squeeze in a Meltagun or Heavy Bolter or whatever you like. The choice here depends on your opponent - Plasma is usually reserved for shooting at other Marines, while Flamers are best suited to killing Guard, 'Nids and Orks. Meltaguns are always handy, but only get the one shot. Pick what you need.

    Beyond that, for 750 points you'll want to look at taking a Rhino or two, maybe adding a unit of Assault Marines (give the sergeant a powerfist!) or Bikes, maybe even a Dreadnought. it's the same idea as before, just with more room for the more expensive toys.

    The other option is a bare minimum force with a big, nasty unit as a centerpiece. Almost any opponent won't be well prepared to deal with, say, an Ironclad Dread or a Vindicator in a 400 point game, so tailoring a list to include one can leave your opponent struggling to find a solution as your big nasty takes his army apart. Many small games include strict limits to keep this type of list out, though.

    As an example, taking that Captain with two basic 5 man scout squads lets you stuff a Vindicator with a siege shield into 400 points with 10 points left over for a small upgrade somewhere. Nothing generally available at 400 points can reliably withstand a Demolisher shot without cowering in cover and a lot of luck, and even powerful squads like Terminators don't fare too well (unless they've got Storm Shields!). And so long as you keep the heavy frontal armour pointed at the enemy, no 400 point army will have much in terms of Anti-tank weapons to kill it with. On the other side, if they do manage to pop the tank, you've got very little strength with which to continue the fight.
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