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Thread: Opinions/Help

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    Alright so i recently started a new space wolves army, im originally a tyranid player so there a huge change for me, i actually care for my units hahahaha. But a buddy of mine just picked up a chaos daemon army, now i have no idea about them never played them so i was gonna come on here and try to get some tips from some more experienced players in both space marines and space wolves.

    Hes getting a bloodthirster or two a skalbrand i think it is a soulgrinder and bloodletters out the wazoo.

    Im thinking longfangs and maybe a vindicator would be good choice but im honestly completely wet behind the ears when it comes to wolves strengths/weakness and rules behind them, ive read the codex but it has a lot of info to process.

    Thanks for any and all help!!

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    Well the strength of the space wolves is the cheap price for a lot of the units. Their downside however is everything has lots of wargear options and they will eat up the points fast if you don't watch it.

    As for playing verse daemons, their army struggles to kill AV units if he is doing mono khorne he will only really be able to do so in close combat. Khorne also suffers from a lack of grenades, which seeing as how they are almost completely dependent on CC to kill anything lets you sit in cover and force them to come get you.

    With that being said I would avoid close combat at all cost as all khorne daemons have power weapons are higher WS then marines and have a good number of attacks.

    Things I would suggest are a Rune Priest with Tempest Wrath, a Redeemer or 2 depending on the points, and lots of grey hunters in rhinos.
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